‘Check in Hanyang’ cast confirmed – Bae In Hyuk, Jaechan, Jung Gun Joo and Kim Ji Eun

Bae In Hyuk, DKZ’s Jaechan, Jung Gun Joo, and Kim Ji Eun have all been confirmed as joining the cast of the upcoming drama Check In Hanyang. (working title).

The drama will air exclusively on Channel A, and is set in the Joseon era in a time of political turmoil.

The Check in Hanyang plot

Check in Hanyang is directed by Myung Hyun Woo (My Man is Cupid), and was written by Park Hyun Jin (The Color of a Woman).

The upcoming K-drama is a historical romance that follows the journey of young individuals who become interns at Yongcheonlu, the largest and most popular inn in Joseon, while exploring both their growth and the romantic relationships they create along the way.

The roles the Check in Hanyang cast will play

Now that we have the final main cast of the historical K-drama, according to Korean entertainment news, Bae In Hyuk will take on the role of Prince Lee Eun, who disguises himself as Lee Eun Ho to infiltrate Yongcheonlu for a special mission, only to find himself struggling to shed his palace habits, while at the same time clashing with Hong Deok Soo (played by Kim Ji Eun).

Kim Ji Eun portrays Hong Deok Soo, the cross-dressing general manager of Yongcheonlu, whose path crosses with Lee Eun Ho, sparking intrigue about their relationship dynamics.

As for Jung Gun Joo, the actor plays Cheon Joon Hwa, the heir of Yongcheonlu, whose elegant demeanor and reluctance to run the inn lead to unexpected challenges when his family makes him work at the inn.

Finally, Jaechan joins the Check in Hanyang cast as Go Soo Ra, a bold individual with a disregard for societal norms, who hopes to revitalize his family’s fortunes by becoming a regular employee at Yongcheonlu.

There is no word yet on when Check In Hanyang will premiere, but it has been announced filming for the upcoming K-drama will begin soon.

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