Choi Soo Jong hits #1 on January drama actor brand reputation rankings

Choi Soo Jong winning the Daesang award at the KBS Drama Awards

The January list for the drama actor brand reputation rankings is out, and veteran actor Choi Soo Jong has hit the #1 spot.

That top ranking, of course, is partially due to Choi Soo Jong’s superb performance in his current role as Kang Gam Chan on the ongoing historical drama series Korea-Khitan War.

It is a role he received the Daesang (Grand Prize) for during the KBS Drama Awards on New Years Eve, and one he has been kicking ass in since the historical Saturday-Sunday drama premiered on November 11th, 2023.

According to Soompi, Choi Soo Jong’s keyword analysis by the Korean Business Institute, which helped lead to his #1 spot, included phrases like Korea-Khitan War, acting Daesang, and Gang Kam Chan.

Choi Soo Jong beat out fellow actors like Kim Yoo Jung (currently starring in My Demon and in the #2 spot), Shin Hye Sun (star of Welcome to Samdalri in #3 spot), Bae In Hyuk (star of the recently ended drama The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract at #4) and Cha Eun Woo (star of A Good Day to Be a Dog at #5).

Choi Soo Jong’s drama career and his Daesang award

Of course, Korea-Khitan War is not the first drama Choi Soo Jong has starred in. Nor is it the first that has garnered him major attention.

Previous to his role in Korea-Khitan War, Choi Soo Jung also starred in such hit Korean dramas as 2018’s My Only One, 2016’s Three Kingdom Wars – Imjin War 1592, and 2014’s Into the Flames, along with more than 30 other Korean dramas.

As for Choi Soo Jong’s Daesang award at the KBS Drama Awards (and yes, this is a really big deal), the actor was so overwhelmed when he was named as the winner, it took him a little while to make it to the stage.

While he was doing so, presenter Im Dong Jin was explaining “He is known as the master of historical roles, and showed amazing acting skills and a strong charisma, so he is receiving love and popularity from the viewers“.

Im Dong Jin also reminded the audience that Choi Soo Jong is actually a four-time Daesang award winner.

He first won the Daesang award way back in 1998 for Legend of Ambition, then for Emperor Wang Gun in 2001, then again in 2007 for his title role in Dae Jo Yeong.

Choi Soo Jong’s win for his role in Korea-Khitan War, however, is his first Daesang in 16 years.

But, with that, plus a win on the same evening for Best Couple along with Kim Dong Jun (yep, two dudes, and watch the award video below), and it is no wonder Choi Soo Jong is #1 on the January drama actor brand reputation rankings, eh?


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