Christina Aguilera releases ‘The Real Thing’ from ABC’s ‘Nashville’ (Video)


Christina Aguilera has released a new single. Made for the ABC TV series ‘Nashville‘, it’s called ‘The Real Thing‘ and is the first of two tracks she’s recording for the series. ‘Shotgun’, the other one, is also likely to be released as a single later on in the month.

As for ‘The Real Thing’, it’s typical Christina Aguilera. Starts out with her powerhouse vocals, and then moves on into a fun, catchy¬†song with a great beat.

Interestingly too, the lyrics are all along the lines of “I’m coming, better ready yourself, because I’m the real thing”. I wonder if that’s an indication of the attitude we can expect from Christina Aguilera now she’s officially ‘back’?

After all, she hasn’t released a new album since Lotus back in 2012, so it’s about time we got some new Aguilera and, yep, I like my Christina Aguilera¬†with attitude.

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