Christina Perri Sings ‘Burning Gold’ Live on The Today Show and Rocks It (Video)

burning gold christina perri the today show live toyota concert series

As I said yesterday, Christina Perri was hard at work on Twitter promoting her live performance on The Today Show on Monday and, from what I saw when she finally did sing on the show, I’m sure her fans were thrilled as, yep, she rocked that performance.

Before singing her new single ‘Burning Gold‘, as part of the Toyota Concert Series, Christina also talked about her latest album ‘Head or Heart’ and, no, she’s not sure if, when it comes to love, your head or your heart should be leading the way.

Personally, I love Christina Perri on The Today Show and off it, as she’s just so darned happy all the time. It’s really refreshing to see someone who creates great music, is so obviously loving what they do and is thrilled with the fame, but is still completely down to earth, genuine and friendly. And that’s the lovely Christina.

Watch Christina Perri singing ‘Burning Gold’ live on The Today Show in the video below. Nice, eh?


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