Christina Perri’s ‘The Lonely’ – One of the Saddest Songs: Repeat Rotation Video

christina perri the lonely lyrics video



Sometimes you hear a song for the first time and fall in love at the first few bars. That’s what just happened to me with Christina Perri’sThe Lonely‘. God, what an incredible gorgeous song. But, also, one of the saddest songs.

Of course, loving heart-wrenching songs, I immediately decided Christina Perri’s ‘The Lonely‘ was my Repeat Rotation Video today, and I’ve been listening to it ever since. Who wouldn’t?

Her voice is astounding, the piano is lovely, and that song is tragic.

Christina Perri’s ‘The Lonely‘ is from her album ‘Lovestrong‘. An album I haven’t heard yet but, if this is an example of what is on it, I need to own it.

Meanwhile, listen to the lyrics video for the song below, and try not to cry.

Michelle Topham