Christina Stürmer ‘Ich Lebe’ is a Cool Mellow Pop Rock Song: Repeat Rotation Video

christina sturmer ich lebe

Continuing on with my intent to listen to as many Austrian singers as possible, primarily because most don’t get the exposure they should, today I’ve been listening to songs by Christina Stürmer.  She was the second place winner of the first season of Austria’s ‘Starmania’ casting show and, since then, has become one of Austria’s most successful singers.

Not someone who only releases a few songs here and there either, Christina Stürmer currently has nine albums out plus a slew of singles. She’s even hit it big in Germany and Switzerland with songs like ‘Ich Lebe‘, her first ever single and my Repeat Rotation Video today.

And yes, Christina Stürmer primarily sings in German, which I always like.

Listen to Stürmer’s ‘Ich Lebe‘ below. It hit number one in Austria when it was released, and sat there for eight weeks. Not a bad little mellow pop rock song, eh?

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