Chun Woo Hee to star with Jang Ki Yong in Although I Am Not a Hero? They’d make a great couple

It is looking very much like Korean actress Chun Woo Hee will be the female lead in the upcoming K-drama Although I Am Not a Hero.

According to her agency H& Entertainment, the 35-year-old actress has been offered the female lead in the upcoming fantasy not-a-super-hero drama, but she has not yet accepted the part.

As we all know, though, once an agency comments, it often means an actor or actress is very close to closing a deal.

Let’s hope that is the case for Chun Woo Hee with Although I Am Not a Hero, as her co-star would likely be Jang Ki Yong.

He of My Roommate is a Gumiho and Sh**ting Stars fame, and an actor who is also considering an offer for the same drama.

Sure, it may just be me, but I think Chun Woo Hee and Jang Ki Yong would make a great couple, don’t you?

Although I Am Not a Hero tells the story of a man from a once-supernatural family whose members have now lost their super powers.

Jang Ki Yong is one of those people but, even without his super hero powers, he still manages to save a woman’s life.

That woman is Do Da Hae (who will be played by Chun Woo Hee if she accepts the part) and, as you might guess, the couple’s lives become intertwined after that important moment.

Although I Am Not a Hero (known as 히어로는 아닙니다만 in Korean) is being directed by Jo Hyun Taek (SKY Castle and Snowdrop), and was written by Joo Hwa Mi who is already known for Introverted Boss and Meow, The Secret Boy.

As for Chun Woo Hee, she is already playing two main roles this year in the dramas Money Game and Beneficial Fraud.

She also just starred in the lead role of Lee Na Mi in the stylish thriller Unlocked. A film that hit Netflix last week.

In other words, if Chun Woo Hee accepts the role of Do Da Hae alongside Jang Ki Yong in Although I Am Not a Hero, 2023 is likely to be a year in which this superb actress earns even more loyal fans.

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