Claire de Lune’s ‘Skipping Stones’ Featured on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Video)

claire de lune skipping stones

Music featured on the ABC Family TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars attracts a huge amount of attention after the episode has aired, as fans of the show scour the internet for information about the songs they just heard and loved.

Case in point, Claire de Lune’s ‘Skipping Stones‘, a song featured on ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ Season 6 Episode 3 – ‘Songs of Experience‘ last week.

The song is getting mega amounts of attention, which must be frustrating for the Minneapolis rock band Claire de Lune as, no, the song wasn’t done by them.

Neither was it released by another singer called Claire de Lune, an R&B singer who went on her Facebook page last week to say, “Nope, sorry folks, not me”.

So, who is the Claire de Lune who sings ‘Skipping Stones‘?

All we know is the song was just released on Big Yellow Dog Music, and it was written and sung by Claire Guerreso, who it looks like is now going by the name Claire de Lune.

And, yes, she has the most beautiful ethereal voice and writes music that really grabs your soul.

Listen to Claire de Lune’s ‘Skipping Stones‘ below. Beautiful, isn’t it?


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