Coldplay’s ‘All Your Friends’ Video Uses World War I Archival Footage in Remembrance

coldplay all your friends world war I

Looking for information about Coldplay’s CD/DVD package ‘Ghost Stories Live‘ today, as it will release tomorrow, I came across this new video from the band for one of the latest tracks ‘All Your Friends‘.

The song is a bonus track on the album and was written about World War I, but what is interesting about the video is that it has been created from actual World War I archival footage — showing young boys and men marching off to war, lined up in Normandy trenches, battle scenes, dogfights, sinking ships, and the end of the war and the troops marching through Paris. Coldplay released the video in time for Remembrance Sunday.

Personally, I always find this kind of footage very sad to watch, as it may be 100 years ago, but millions of those young boys and men never made it home again. And I mean literally……millions…….more than 16 million in the four years of World War I to be exact.

As for, Coldplay’s CD/DVD package ‘Ghost Stories‘, it is made up of segments of various concerts from the concert tour of the same name, as well as our first opportunity to see the full performance of their LA Sony Studios gig in March of this year. ¬†Should be a good one.

Like I said, Coldplay’s ‘Ghost Stories Live‘ releases tomorrow. Meanwhile, watch the video for ‘All Your Friends‘ below.


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