Conchita “Du bist ein Schatz und hast ein schönes Herz” says Ankathie Koi

The best Conchita description you could ask for is Ankathie Koi’s “Du bist ein Schatz und hast ein schönes Herz”

Sometimes I watch a video related to Austrian singer Conchita, and I find something so powerful in it that it stays with me.

This morning’s occurrence was a simple thing — German electro pop singer songwriter Ankathie Koi being interviewed by Austrian music journalist Peter Schreiber on his show #POP! (And, by the way, isn’t Shreiber lovely and doesn’t he have the nicest, happiest aura?)

In one segment, Schreiber surprised Ankathie with a clip of a video Conchita uploaded to her music channel last week. The video is one of a series of thirteen Conchita has done reviewing every nominee for the upcoming Amadeus Austrian Music Awards.

An awards show Conchita herself will be hosting next week.

And in this particular video, Conchita not only reviews Ankathie Koi’s music due to her being a nominee for the Amadeus FM 4 Award, she also has a full-blown fan girl moment that is the funniest thing to see.

Because, yep, Conchita looooooooves Ankathie Koi. Although not surprising really, as Conchita adores artists that create personas, and Ankathie is an outrageously fabulous one.

(Watch the video below to see Conchita’s hilarious reaction, the second video to watch Ankathie Koi’s lovely comment about Conchita, then skip on to the rest of the article below).

But what was ultra sweet about the Peter Schreiber instigated ‘Conchita moment’ was the electro pop singer’s reaction. As, not only was Ankathie blown away by Conchita raving about her music, her videos and her art, she responded with a big thank you and a kiss to the Austrian superstar, as well as a statement that is still stuck in my head.

A statement that could not be more perfect if you wanted to describe Conchita. And in German, of course, which I think makes it even more powerful and apt.

Du bist ein Schatz und hast ein schönes Herz“. — You are a darling, and have a beautiful heart.

Because that pretty much tells you all you need to know about Conchita, doesn’t it? In just nine words. Nine perfect words that describe why that beautiful human being is so incredibly loved.

Thank you, Ankathie Koi. I could not have said it better myself.

Additional information about Ankathie Koi

I first came across Ankathie Koi, aka Kathrin Winklbauerlast year when I researched and then interviewed Vienna-based electronic pop band Kids N Cats (who, by the way have a new album releasing in May, and are bloody brilliant in their own right.)

Related: Nothing about Kids N Cats is what it seems, but it’s all brilliant

That’s because Ankathie used to be part of an experimental music duo called Fijuka with the equally talented Judith Filimonova, who is now one of the band members of Kids N Cats. See, in Vienna, it’s not even six degrees of separation. It’s usually not more than two 🙂 .

Ankathie herself is from Burghausen in Germany, and is known for her eccentric persona, her androgynous looks that are quite Annie Lennox but in a more updated, more outrageous, slightly more European way and, of course, for her stunning vocals.

She is also currently nominated for an Amadeus award, which I think she has an extremely good chance of winning. You can buy her debut album I Hate The Way You Chew, released on the Austrian indie label Seayou Records, on Bandcamp.

Watch Conchita’s ‘Conchita rockt Amadeus‘ video series

As for Conchita’s video featuring her Ankathie Koi Fan Girl Moment, it is part of a series currently being uploaded on her YouTube channel. The last one will be released tomorrow.

The series was also beautifully and very humorously edited by Peter Schreiber himself, so if you want to see any more of hilarious Conchita moments, do watch all thirteen. They include some of the funniest Conchita moments I have seen and, believe me, I have watched thousands.

You can start with the first one in the series below. And, of course, watch the Ankathie Koi ‘Little Hell‘ video below that. The one Conchita loved so much.

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