Conchita is Wiener Symphoniker’s first pop crossover with ‘From Vienna With Love’ concert and CD

Conchita © TNRB. Markus Morianz

Conchita is Wiener Symphoniker’s first pop crossover

Austrian singer Conchita (Wurst) continues to go from strength to strength, and incredible project after incredible project, as it was announced last week she will not only be performing in concert with the Wiener Symphoniker (Vienna Symphony Orchestra) in October, but will be releasing a collaborative CD with the prestigious orchestra as well.

The CD and the concert will be called From Vienna With Love, and it will be the first pop crossover the Wiener Symphoniker has ever done. An astounding honor for Conchita, although a very well-deserved one.

After all, in the last couple of years, Conchita has really embraced pop crossovers with a number of orchestras around Europe.

One of her first performances of a classical pop collaboration was during the festivities leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in 2015. There she sang during a Pop Meets Opera concert, featuring various Eurovision 2015 contestants, and accompanied by the stage orchestra of the Wiener Staatsoper. (see below)

Watch Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ at Pop Meets Opera, it’s heartbreaking

That performance in and of itself was stunning, and yet was only a tiny precursor of the talents this astounding performer has when it comes to being able to adapt her style of singing to the classical genre. And to do so beautifully.

Almost a year later, in March, 2016, Conchita gave her first From Vienna With Love concert in Sydney, Australia with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and in the world-renowned Sydney Opera House. A prestigious event even the artist herself seemed a little overwhelmed by.

That crossover concert was such a huge success, due to both audience numbers and with critics, she was soon putting together a unique pop classical program that could be performed with orchestras all over Europe. (click arrow for second page of this article below ),

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