Conchita on Italian TV ‘L’Arena’ on Rai Uno: Smart, Eloquent and Interesting (Video)

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A couple of weeks ago, Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst was in Italy and interviewed for Italian TV show L`Arena on Rai Uno. The show was broadcast yesterday. The interview included a question I hadn’t heard her asked before, along with more in-depth questions on other subjects most fans are already familiar with. And answers that proved once again how intelligent, eloquent and interesting a person Conchita really is.

According to the Italian interviewer, Massimo Giletti, (who seemed to really like her, by the way), Conchita didn’t want the questions given to her beforehand (unusual when it comes to celebrity interviews, and a reason to respect her even more), and only gave one condition. That she didn’t want questions asked about her personal life.

Her creator, Tom Neuwirth, is a very private person and prefers to keep his life completely separate from his on stage persona, Conchita. A smart decision he made a long time ago, and has stuck with. Thus, adding to the mystique of Conchita while, at the same time, allowing him to have a somewhat ‘normal’ life off stage.

One question that was asked from the L’Arena interview, however, grabbed my attention. A question I’ve wanted to know the answer to in the past. And an answer Conchita gave that certainly did not disappoint.

The question was about her religious beliefs. “What about you, do you believe in God?”.

An interesting question to be asked in a predominantly Catholic country that is quite conservative, particularly when it comes to religion. And a quite brave (sorry, Conchita, there’s that word again) answer, considering people have a tendency to judge you if you don’t believe what they believe when it comes to religion.

Her answer, in fact, was exactly what I would have guessed it would be, knowing what I do about her. It was also an answer that echoed my beliefs (and I’ve a feeling if I was to learn more about what she thinks about God and religion, her thoughts would probably be almost identical to mine).

“I believe in something, but I wouldn’t call it God. I’m not a member of the Catholic Church. But I respect their opinions.”

Her answer was even more interesting to me, knowing she was brought up Catholic, and hearing her say she was not a member of the Catholic Church. And, no, I’m not surprised there either. After all, the Catholic Church has not been known for being accepting when it comes to the LGBT community (or on many other modern-day issues, for that matter), and that kind of hurt tends to make you leave.

The other interesting thing about the ‘L’Arena‘ interview is how much more confident Conchita is about giving her opinions than she was even just a few months ago. And how firm she is when standing up for statements she has just made, and beliefs she has.

A sign she’s ‘growing into herself’ all the time, and realizing she can be honest about who she is and what she believes, and people will still love her.

That, to me, is lovely to see. As, let’s face it, I love polite, sweet, respectful and kind Conchita just like the rest of you, but I also like my girls with a bit of ‘oomph’. I’ve always known there’s a whole lot of ‘oomph’ under Conchita’s even-keel surface, and just hoped she would eventually feel secure enough to let some of it show. I’d say she is and she has. Yay!

As for what Conchita wore, she seems to be going through a phase of liking long, flowing skirts worn with tight shirts and even tighter belts. Not that I’m complaining, as she looks beautiful in all of them, and the style suits her.

On ‘L’Arena‘ on Rai Uno on Sunday, Conchita wore another shirt and long skirt but, with the color variations of all the photographs and videos I’ve seen, your guess is as good as mine as to the colors. Orange shirt, burgundy skirt? Pink shirt, brown skirt? You decide. Either way — gorgeous.

As for the entire English transcript of Conchita’s ‘L’Arena’ interview, you’ll find that at Unstoppable (a Conchita Wurst fanblog). Thanks, Laurel.

Now watch the Conchita ‘L’Arena‘ interview in its entirety below (thank you Monika, for the video). I’ve always thought the lovely Conchita was incredibly talented and a thing of beauty anyway, but with her even stronger personality that’s coming through here, and in other places recently, I now find her beyond fascinating.


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