Conchita Wurst and Her Phenomenal English Skills

Conchita Wurst English skills


Today, I was going to write about Conchita Wurst‘s ‘bravery speech‘ but as I’m still having a problem wrapping my head around it, that will be tomorrow. (That girl makes me think too much, especially when I change my ‘set in stone’ opinion because of something she said, as just happened here).

So instead, I decided on a short comment about Conchita Wurst and her English skills, something I’ve been noticing lately have become absolutely astounding.

That’s because, although Conchita had high-level English language skills long before she won Eurovision, since she did, her English skills have skyrocketed to pretty much……..amazing. And, as a former English teacher for non-native learners, I have to stress how rare of an occurrence that is. To improve that fast, I mean.

Let’s face it, when Conchita Wurst can not only converse fluently in English (with the occasional grammatical error, but that just adds to the ‘cute’ factor), but can also understand English accents even I might have a problem with, she’s so far beyond highly-skilled non-native English speaker it’s ridiculous.

Throw in that she understands slang terms many non-native speakers would not (watching too much American TV, Conchita? Well…’Sex and the City’ is a fabulous native language skills primer – I’ve used it in slang classes I’ve taught, so you couldn’t have chosen a better obsession), and that she uses those slang terms herself in just the same way a native speaker would, every time I watch a new interview, her English skills are so good she just makes me smile.

Consequently, as a writer, I find myself not worrying about her understanding what I write anymore, (if she does indeed read the stuff I spew on a daily basis, because God knows I probably wouldn’t), as I know how fabulous her English skills are now.

So can I just say, Conchita, your friend may have told you to improve your English skills because she knew you were ‘going to be huge’, (and a big “Yay” for your friend), but learning them to the level you’re at now? That was all you — and, to me, it’s an enormous indicator of just how smart you are.

And if, when you were a kid, you thought people who spoke English were ‘cool’, just let me stress I doubt any of us were as ‘cool’ as you are now. And I mean that with complete sincerity, because your English language skills are phenomenal.


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