Conchita Wurst and Why You’d Better Get Used to Winning (Video)

conchita wurst i'm not used to winning
It’s this look that makes her seem so vulnerable and makes every nerve in your body want to protect her, and then you realize, she’s quite ‘kick ass’ on her own.


Conchita Wurst gave an interview to the BBC last weekend, an interview that, if I’d heard it just a couple of months ago, I would have felt sad for her.

That’s because she opens the interview with the statement ‘I’m not used to winning”, and that, it tugs on my heart because, as is obvious from her past, it’s true.

She’s not used to winning, she never really won anything before Eurovision, and years of disappointment must have taken their toll.

However…….in light of my reassessment of Conchita Wurst over the last few weeks, a reassessment that has me seeing her in a completely new, and stronger, light, when I saw that interview I realized – “Hell, girl, you’d better get used to winning, because winning is all you’re going to be doing from here on out”.

And here is what I mean by that.

Conchita Wurst is talented – Let’s face it, Conchita Wurst has always been talented. Far more talented than many people have given her credit for.

But, that’s to be expected when she’s been faced with the homophobia she’s obviously dealt with over the years, as talent often gets overlooked when all people can see is a bearded drag queen – and one that makes them uncomfortable.

So, whereas, a straight boy, or even a gay boy with a more ‘acceptable’ appearance, might be noticed for their talent before much else, Conchita Wurst’s bearded image has always been the thing front and center. Her talent? Secondary. At least until now.

What’s interesting about this, however, is now she’s won Eurovision and had a successful summer giving concert performances around Europe, while that image is still front and center, her talent is also getting there too.

More and more people are realizing, yep, she actually can sing and she’s a damn good stage performer too. And that’s going to give her an advantage she didn’t have before, and make sure she ‘keeps on winning’.

Conchita Wurst is strong – The problem with Conchita Wurst is vulnerability oozes out of her every pore, and although I highly doubt she realizes the full extent of it, yes it just does.

That means, when she makes a statement that might be a little touching, with another singer you might just think “oh, how sweet”, but with Conchita Wurst you want to scoop her up and hug her and protect her from the world. Because she just looks like she needs you to.

In reality, however, I’m betting that’s not the case. Because Conchita Wurst, she’s a lot stronger than you initially think she is and, whether she does it the way I would do it or not, she can certainly take care of herself.

That strength has made her reach for her dreams against sometimes insurmountable odds for years, and has kept her head on straight during the five crazy months since Eurovision (even though I’ll bet it’s been quite difficult to handle).

That’s why, if I had to bet on Conchita Wurst continuing to always keep on winning, I wouldn’t hesitate for a heartbeat. As someone that quietly strong will always figure out a way.

Conchita Wurst is smart – Conchita Wurst is one of those people you don’t always realize how smart she is (Come on, she’s beautiful, and staring at her sometimes gets in the way of listening to what she’s saying). Not until you start really listening and watching and digging.

In fact, she’s one of the smartest people in the entertainment industry today, as is evidenced by the incredibly intelligent decisions she’s made before and since her Eurovision win.

In the five months since then, she really hasn’t put a foot wrong, yet has made some interesting decisions about the direction of her career (Crazy Horse, anyone?)

What that tells me is, when it comes to her always winning, she has the intelligence to figure out how to do just that and, I’m convinced, she will.

Conchita Wurst is stubborn – One new thing I’ve been sensing lately is just how stubborn Conchita Wurst is. She gets an idea in her head and nothing is going to shift it.

Bad for me, as I’m as stubborn as her and definitely disagree with a couple of things she’s said lately (see point below), but good for her as that means she’s going to keep doing what she’s doing regardless that anyone tries to stop her. Winners are stubborn. They always are. And she, she’s like a mule.

Conchita Wurst is brave – Apparently, I’m one of those people who is ‘irritating’ to the lovely Ms. Wurst. That’s because I keep insisting she’s brave, even while she hates it. (And I’m sorry, Conchita, but I’m just as stubborn as you are — although, I promise, while I may be ‘irritating’ to you now, I’m actually quite nice in person, as you’ll probably one day find out ).

So, today, I’m just going to avoid this subject entirely, and let you make up your own mind, as I really don’t need her finding me more annoying than she already does.

Conchita Wurst has everything it takes to be a winner – Most people who are winners, and who continue to win, have a few characteristics that got them there and keep them there. Conchita Wurst? She has all of them.

Beautiful (sorry, but beauty is often part of the equation when it comes to success), talented, intelligent, hard working, persistent, strong, creative (will always figure out a way around something), emotionally centered, rock solid in her beliefs about herself and her talent, and has her head on straight.

What that means is, although continuing to win may not always be easy for her, now she knows what it feels like, she’ll use everything she has to make sure she always does.

So, Conchita, as much as my natural instinct is to want to protect you, frankly, I don’t really see the need, as you – you just have ‘Winner’ written all over you.

Plus, you’re about as ‘kick ass’ as they get when it comes to figuring out a way of getting what you want, and taking care of yourself in the process. So me, I’m just going to sit back and watch, as you – you just keep on winning.

Guaranteed. I promise. So you might as well get used to it.


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