Conchita Wurst at Soundcheck for Bad Mitterndorf Concert: September 7, 2014 (Exclusive Photos)

CW bad mitterndorf
photo copyright Christine Weber


As I write this, Conchita Wurst is in Bad Mitterndorf, Austria preparing for what I think is one of the most important concerts of her life. That’s because Bad Mitterndorf is her hometown, and the place where, as her alter ego Tom Neuwirth, she often felt alienated while growing up.


Now, as Austria’s most famous person and an international star loved by millions, it must feel incredible to be about to sing there in front of some of the people who once weren’t always so accepting of Tom when he was a child.

Friends and family, of course, will also be in town to see her perform, and Conchita will be singing on stage with one of her closest friends, as well as with Bad Mitterndorf’s wind band. The arrangements, I am told, will be different than what we are used to hearing.

Luckily for me and for you, although I can’t be there, Christine Weber, a lovely Conchita Wurst fan, has sent me photographs of Conchita at soundcheck taken just a few minutes ago.

She looks elegant and beautiful and oh so happy. Enjoy.

And me? I’m now going to go off somewhere and cry, as this is THE concert I would have loved to have been at.


conchita wurst bad mitterndorf sound check
copyright Christine Weber