Conchita Wurst’s Boylesque Performance in Vienna, May, 2014: Magnificent (Video)

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Conchita Wurst‘s husband, boylesque star Jacques Patriaque, was the mastermind behind the recent 1st annual Boylesque Festival Vienna 2014. The two day festival was held back in May, just a couple of weeks after the Eurovision Song Contest, and was a huge success.

Audience members at the time, and those of us who watched videos from the festival online afterward, were interested to see many of the performers — both boylesque and burlesque.

The vast majority of us, however, were especially interested in seeing the lovely Ms Wurst. After all, the Boylesque Festival Vienna 2014 was her first big concert since Eurovision, other than the one to welcome her home, so many of us wanted to watch her sing now that she was away from the Copenhagen stage. Let me just say, we certainly weren’t disappointed.

The first videos available of the Boylesque Festival Vienna weren’t of the best quality but, at the time, we were able to ‘make do’. Luckily for us, though, Jacques has kindly uploaded an HD video of Conchita’s full performance from that night to his YouTube channel and it’s wonderful. You can watch it below

In fact, I’d have to say this is one of my favorite more recent Conchita Wurst performances. And that’s because she’s singing in front of a crowd that has supported her right from the beginning, and in a place where she can be absolutely sure she’s completely loved. That alone increases her confidence, and thus her stage presence, tenfold. And so, she is………… magnificent.

As for Jacques Patriaque himself, he is another ‘hidden Vienna gem’ for the international community to discover, just like Conchita herself once was, so I’ll be revisiting him here on Leo Sigh soon.

Until I do, what sticks in my mind every time I think about Jacques, is the tweet and Instagram message he sent the night Conchita Wurst had her Eurovision victory. It simply said “My baby fucking won!!!!

Just a few short words, but words that showed the incredible emotion lying behind what he wrote, and proved how important this victory was not only to Conchita but also to the small, tight-knit group of friends who surround her.

The special people who make sure she always knows she is loved.

It really was quite beautiful.

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