Conchita Wurst Debuts ‘You Are Unstoppable’ at Germany’s Unser Song für Österreich (USFO)

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Conchita Wurst debuts ‘You Are Unstoppable’ at Germany’s Unser Song für Österreich (USFO) in Hannover

This is officially my 301st article about or mentioning Conchita Wurst. 298 of them now on Leo Sigh, my first ever article about her on the Austrian site The Local, and two at Garrett Mulhall’s site.

301 articles, during the writing of which I’ve thought there’s no way I could love this girl more. And then, I always have.

But last night, and with Conchita Wurst on the stage of Germany’s Unser Song für Österreich (USFO), I loved her more than I think it’s humanly possible to love anyone. At least anyone you’ve never met, that is. And that’s because Conchita Wurst debuted her new single ‘You Are Unstoppable‘, and it was the best live performance she’s ever given.

Up to and including that spectacular performance of Rise Like a Phoenix‘ at Eurovision’s second semi-final. Now, let’s talk about why.

Conchita Wurst started off her appearance at USFO at the opening of the show with her iconic song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ and, as always, she killed it.

A gorgeous voice, an almost perfect delivery, an out-of-a-dream white dress (the fabulous JCHOERL, of course) with a plunging neckline (not sure why you’re going for these types of dresses lately, love, but I’m sure as heck not complaining), and a stage presence which is bordering on the unreal. Of course, the audience loved her.

Conchita Wurst’s second and final performance of the evening, however, was the one I’ve been waiting for. For weeks. The debut of her new single ‘You Are Unstoppable‘. A song she’s dedicated to her fans, and one with a catchy refrain, an interesting melody and a great ‘feel’.

Personally, I love the song. I’m just not a huge fan of the recorded track as, in my opinion, it’s slightly ‘muddy ‘ and with overly loud music that, in places, swallows her whole.

Which is why I’ve been desperate to see Conchita sing ‘You Are Unstoppable‘. To see if she could do this fabulous song justice live, or if we were doomed to yet more of Conchita Wurst………… submerged.

As worried as I was, though, and, yes, I’m always slightly concerned about every performance as I never want to see her fail, I also know my girl by now. I know who she is, what she’s made of, and what she can achieve up on a stage so, when the lights went up and she sang the first bars of the song, I knew immediately we were in for a treat.

What I didn’t know, though, was that Conchita Wurst would stand on that stage and ‘weltstar‘ might just as well have moved over and made way for a far higher term, as this girl was so far beyond your average ‘weltstar‘, Celine herself will soon hear her knocking on her door.

So how did she achieve this incredible performance, and why have I just watched it 15 times in a row?

First, it’s in that ever so slightly lowered music track, and Conchita’s voice that was crystal clear on top of it instead of, like on the recorded version, woven within it. That, to me, made an enormous difference.

Where the real beauty lies, however, is in this. What Conchita Wurst does on stage with that amazing stage presence she’s so recently adopted, and, even more importantly, what she doesn’t do.

conchita looking down

Start the video of her performance below, and watch her in the first few moments of the song. When she gets to “what the child inside you says“, look at that direct slightly cheeky gaze and her smile at the camera, immediately followed by her eyes dropping away. Flirty and sexy and guaranteed to hit you in your stomach. That’s where she’s first going to grab you. She knows it. And you just found out.

Then she hits the chorus. Her arm shoots up in that iconic Conchita pose followed by a quick hip flick, and she’s off. Massive voice, huge chorus and hitting all those enormous notes. Wasn’t quite in love with her before? I’ll bet you are now.

As the song progresses, she just gets better. Jumping from brief slightly intimate moments, all brought on by those flashing eyes and that coy smile, to hugely enormous outpourings of the joy she’s obviously feeling up on that stage as those expansive high notes get hit again and again and again. All culminating in a quieter ending that really does let you down with a …………bang.

And now let me point something out to you. Then watch her performance again so you see what I mean.

She’s a teeny tiny person. She really is. On a huge stage (look at the height of that thing). And, during that entire performance, she barely moves. Only a raised arm, a few moments where the skirt of that stunning dress is tossed to the side, a majestically flung back shoulder, and a slow, brief walk to the front of the stage towards the end of the song.

Yet doesn’t it feel like she was everywhere in that room? On every part of that stage. Down into the front stalls and up onto that balcony?

That’s the mark of a superstar. To be able to project herself, her soul if you will, to every part of that enormous auditorium, while doing nothing more than standing still and pulling you in.

As for ‘You Are Unstoppable‘, now this is what interests me the most. Because, just as ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ was Conchita Wurst’s debutante debut into society, ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ is her anthem.

It’s an anthem she’s going to sing again and again. The song that fans desperately wait for in concerts (why wouldn’t they? She gave it to them). And it’s a song that obviously has a helluva lot more meaning for Conchita Wurst than I think she’s letting on.

Because, if your heart isn’t completely open with a song like that, you don’t sing it in that amazing way she did.

And I think, her heart couldn’t be more open if she tried.

You can buy ‘You Are Unstoppable‘, as well as Conchita’s self-titled debut album on iTunes.

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