Conchita Wurst & DR Big Band ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ is Smoky, Sexy and Tragic (Video)

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You know how you get bored with hearing that same popular song over and over, every time the singer who is famous for it performs it again? Well, can I just say for the first time in my life (and, no, I’m not exaggerating), I’ve found a singer whose most famous song I’ve now heard a thousand times — and I’m not bored yet.

The singer? Conchita Wurst. Her song? ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘. A song she gives new depth and new meaning to every time she sings it, and a song she just gets better and better at singing as time goes on.

The latest version of Conchita’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ just went up on YouTube a few minutes ago, and grabbed my attention when the lovely Ms. Wurst tweeted the video link.

It’s a video of Conchita Wurst and the Danish Radio Big Band (DR Big Band), with ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ as they performed it, and she sang it, a few days ago in Copenhagen. And, God, is this thing lovely.

The Danish Radio Big Band sound here, and that ever so slightly slower tempo, adds something to ‘Rise‘ it hasn’t had before. A certain sophisticated elegance, a richness, and a sorrow.

As for Conchita’s voice, it has a slight smokiness to it here that is sexy but, at the same time, adds a feeling of tragedy to the song. As for the singer herself, her stage presence is now so intense, she’s magnetic to watch.

And now I have to juggle my Top Ten ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ performances around, as Conchita Wurst and the Danish Radio Big Band just have to be in it somewhere.

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