Conchita Wurst Duets with Anna Vissi on Mykonos Island (Video)

conchita wurst mykonos island anna vissi

Just when you think Conchita Wurst might have been having a quiet Saturday night in, relaxing in front of the TV with a pizza and a glass of wine, that’s when you go to her Facebook page and discover, nope, she wasn’t.

Instead, the lovely Conchita Wurst was on Mykonos Island last night singing in a concert with Greece’s former Eurovision Song Contest representative Anna Vissi and, as usual, doing Austria proud.

The two gorgeous women got together to sing a duet on Saturday night – a duet of Anna Vissi’s Eurovision song ‘Everything‘. And from the clip uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago, they both did a smashing job.

Listen for yourself in the video below, and don’t miss watching the beginning of it either, as you will see Conchita with her friend and roommate Matt before she went on stage, posing for photographers and generally having a wonderful time.

Let’s face it, they certainly seem to know how to party on Mykonos.


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