Conchita Wurst, Expectations and Dreams

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Conchita Wurst has a thing about expectations. Or, should I say, she hates the word. So much so, every time an interviewer asks her a question that might be connected to it, whether those expectations are from other people about her or from her about herself, she jumps in to explain “expectations are a very dangerous thing, because you get disappointed in just a second”. (see video)

But is she right?

It depends and, yes, I’m about to explain why.

What are expectations and why does she not like them?

The dictionary definition of an expectation is this – a strong belief that something will happen in the future. Such an innocent, innocuous idea for Conchita Wurst to have such a strong reaction against it, don’t you think?

My guess why she does? More than likely because she’s had expectations in the past that have led to nothing but disappointment. So now, instead of expectations, she has ‘dreams’.

Similar things, of course, but less rooted in reality and, if dreams don’t come true, well, that’s not as hurtful as it’s easier to dismiss them as they were never really real.

Is Conchita Wurst wrong with her rejection of expectations?

In one respect, she’s probably correct. At least as far as she’s personally concerned. Expectations don’t work for her, for whatever reason, and so, if she doesn’t believe in them, she shouldn’t have them.

For me, however, I’m the expectations kind of girl. I have always had expectations, all of which eventually come true, and as far as Conchita Wurst is concerned my expectations for her and her career are huge.

Let me explain.

Success and Conchita Wurst

When I look at Conchita Wurst, I see someone for whom the sky is the limit. She’s talented, intelligent, and driven, and so willing to work hard for whatever she wants, I simply expect her to succeed in everything she does. Why wouldn’t she? She’s amazing.

If she wants a successful career in Europe that literally lasts decades, she’ll have it. There may be bumps in the road, and because she’s a drag artist she may have to work harder than others just to be ‘acceptable’ (horrible word), but there is no doubt in my mind if she wants it, she’ll get it.

If she wants to establish herself in America, no, it won’t be easy. America can be prudish, conservative and judgmental, and establishing herself here as a drag artist who is a serious singer will be more difficult for her than if she was the stereotypical ‘funny one’. America is a whole different ball game than Europe and it’s a difficult one to win at. So can she? Absolutely. She has the drive, the ambition, the talent, and she certainly has the intelligence to figure out what she needs to do to succeed.

Start her own fashion label and make that a success? That’s a no-brainer. She has impeccable taste, an eye for what works and what doesn’t, and she understands the industry. If I’m buying pieces from the La Wurst fashion label in a couple of years time, no, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised.

What are my expectations for Conchita Wurst?

Oh, I have a gazillion, and I know they’ll all come true.

But in a nutshell — my expectations for Conchita Wurst are that she will carve out a successful career for herself in Europe in the next few years and, when she’s ready, she’ll turn her focus on America. That’s where she’ll get her Hollywood red carpet, her Las Vegas show and, of course, her Grammy. She’ll eventually become one of the best-loved artists in the world, and her career will last for the rest of her life. That’s just for starters.

And how do I know that I’m right?

Because, while Conchita Wurst keeps her dreams, I’m taking her expectations and I’m putting them with mine. And as each one of my expectations takes flight and becomes reality, it will take one of hers with it.

Just be warned, Conchita, I have many. So you might want to try and keep up.


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