Conchita Wurst Going to Australia Next Week: Aussie Fans Are Going to Freak

conchita wurst australia

Conchita Wurst to visit Australia next week on album promotion trip

You know how I’ve been saying for almost a year “Conchita Wurst is going to be huge”? Well, here’s some news that just hit her Facebook page that is proving me right.

Conchita Wurst is going to Australia next week. Yep, the bearded lady is heading Down Under and, me, I couldn’t be more excited. After all, she’s already conquered Europe, and now it’s Australia’s turn.

According to Conchita’s Facebook page, she’ll be in Australia to promote ‘Conchita‘, her new album (see ad on the left hand side of this page – click on it and please pre-order her album on iTunes, it’s going to be fabulous). No more news than that as of yet I’m afraid, but I’m sure more will be forthcoming, and I’ll let you know when it does.

And what’s interesting to me about Conchita Wurst’s Australian trip, and every other exciting event she’s been announcing lately, unlike other singers she often doesn’t let her fans know what’s going to happen until a few days or a week or so beforehand.

To me, that’s an absolutely brilliant strategy by her and her team, as what it does is create immediacy and excitement.

That’s because, instead of hearing she’s doing a tour, buying tickets and then having to wait nine months for that tour to hit our city, and by the time it does our excitement has waned, we hear Conchita’s going to be coming and “Oh my God, it’s on Friday”.

It’s like the Queen of England. We don’t normally know her schedule six months in advance either.

As for Conchita’s trip to Australia, let’s face it, she’s going to be a huge hit. Aussies love Eurovision and, as this year it’s the first time the country will ever be participating in the world’s biggest music competition, you can only imagine how excited they are.

When Conchita hits Australian shores next week, Aussie fans are going to freak, and she’ll be treated like royalty.

Frankly, as she should be.

And to Conchita, I honestly couldn’t be happier for you, love. I like to see you taking one more step on your path to superstardom and, this one, it’s huge.

Oh and, by the way, Bangkok? We’re kind of on your way home, and I’m a very good tour guide. Just sayin’.


Update 1:46pm Bangkok  — Well, as you know, updates happen fast when it comes to Conchita Wurst. is just reporting one of the reasons Conchita is going to be in Australia is to attend the Logie Awards on May 3rd. They’re the Australian TV industry awards, they’re a big deal Down Under, and Conchita will be on the red carpet.

Getting ready to fire up my VPN, as I’m not going to miss that.

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