Conchita Wurst Interview at Padova Pride Village: Magnificent? She’s Perfection (Video)

conchita wurst interview padova pride italy

This is my last article about Conchita Wurst. At least for the next day or two. That’s because, as much as I adore Conchita, life is catching up with me and I need to start running.

Before I stop, I did, however, want to draw your attention to Conchita’s interview at Padova Pride Village in Padua, Italy last Sunday as it really is lovely. It’s also another example of how beautifully Conchita Wurst handles the media and how she is  — professionalism personified.

Watch at the beginning of the interview when everything around her is in Italian, a language she doesn’t understand. Poised, relaxed, confident and smiling, eyes trained on Alessandro Zan, the man who is speaking, and absolutely focused. But as soon as she starts to get an English translation from the man on her other side, her focus switches almost instantly. This girl is never going to let anyone feel like they’re being ignored.

And when she begins to speak? Always a thank you, always expressing gratitude that people came and are interested to know more about her, and always something funny to say to put people at their ease. While that might seem a given, just watch other artists at her level and how they handle press conferences, and you’ll realize quickly it’s not always a given at all.

And see how she flirts. The glances from underneath the eyelashes, the flirty gaze, the smouldering eyes. The half smile. She’s Princess Diana with darker hair, a slimmer figure and a smarter sense of humour.

So where does all this lead? To something I know with absolute certainty. Few people have that elusive ‘something’ that can draw attention from almost everyone in the room. Think Marilyn Monroe. Sophia Loren. Barbra Streisand. Angelina Jolie. BeyoncĂ©. And Conchita Wurst. She has it in spades.

Finally, if you know anything about the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, you’ll know Conchita Wurst was adored by the press. When you watch an interview like this one at Padua, you can see why.

After all, who wouldn’t love someone who is gracious, respectful, sweet and kind, interesting, smart and funny, and who always makes you feel like you’re the only one that matters. Even when there are a hundred other people in the room.

I’ll stop my adoration of Conchita Wurst here — for now — as it is quite simply profound. But someone this good at what they do should not only have their name shouted out to the world, but lauded.

True magnificence doesn’t come along that often and when it does, it really is — astounding.


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