Conchita Wurst Invited to Golden Globes: She’s Hitting the Big Time and She’s Going to be Huge

Photo credit Credit: Julian Laidig – Dress: Ana Sekularac


Since I first heard about Austrian singer Conchita Wurst when she won the Eurovision Song Contest in May, there has never been any doubt in my mind she will conquer America. So, when I heard Conchita Wurst had been invited to the Golden Globes on January 11, as a guest of Austrian journalist Barbara Gasser, a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, I wasn’t surprised.

That’s because, not only does this girl have everything it takes to be successful in America — the talent, the looks, the personality, the drive and ambition, and the astounding focus — she’s also just the type of celebrity Americans will love. Someone who overcame more hardships than the average person, yet didn’t let them beat her down into someone mean, rude and small.

Instead, Conchita Wurst kept her lovely personality, and that of her amazing creator Tom Neuwirth, and used the hardships she was faced with to spur her on to bigger and better things. First winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, and now the darling of Europe.

But now America is calling and, as an American and someone who lived in Los Angeles around some of the ‘Hollywood set’ for a certain part of my life, I understand first-hand the obsession most non-American artists have with ‘making it in America’.

It’s the Holy Grail, the Land of Plenty, the place where, if you have what it takes and can withstand the high pressure, the brutal news media, the ever present paparazzi, and the intense scrutiny of everything you do, plus have the talent and the drive to ‘deliver’, the rewards here are without measure.

Conchita Wurst being invited to the Golden Globes is the first step for her to her American Dream. The Golden Globes is watched by more than 20 million people in America, and tens of millions more across the world. Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood and the music industry is at the Golden Globes, so even a 30 second appearance on the red carpet can change a life.

Conchita Wurst, of course, will take that step onto the red carpet on January 11th and, my guess is, her life will change. Again. Because America has never seen an elegant, beautiful, fashionable, charming, eloquent, intelligent and, frankly, quite bewitching bearded drag queen like they’re about to see in the form of the lovely Ms. Wurst.

Yes, America is a hard nut to crack. Yes, some of the abuse Conchita Wurst has received from certain types of Europeans will likely repeat itself in America, as God knows that country has far more than its share of religious bigots.

Her saviors? Herself, her focus, drive and ambition, and her refusal to ever be beaten down, a certain type of American (and there are millions of them, and more joining their ranks every day) who will not only champion this girl but will help raise her up to superstardom, a country that is largely sick of the bigotry and homophobia that’s been eating it away, and a Hollywood elite who, I guarantee you, will take her to their hearts so quickly she had better be ready.

In fact, if you think you have an idea already which girl is going to be 2015’s ‘It Girl‘ when it comes to Hollywood and the music industry, you haven’t met my lovely Ms. Wurst yet.

Don’t worry, though, you soon will. Conchita Wurst is going to the Golden Globes, and she’s going to conquer America.

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