Conchita Wurst is Mesmerizing, But Where Is That Camera Going? (Video)

conchita wurst switzerland interview


I watch every Conchita Wurst video I can find. That’s because, even if she’s speaking German and I understand 20 words, there’s always something interesting to pull from it.

Case in point, a video that went up on YouTube today. A snippet of a Blick interview Conchita gave while in Switzerland last weekend. An interview in which she talked about how she loves to be busy, and about social media and some of the negativity directed at her on it. Negativity she, of course, ignores.

But……I’m not here to talk about what she says in her Switzerland interview. Instead, I’m talking about observations today because, even in a one-minute snippet, where she’s talking about things she’s talked about before, Conchita Wurst is mesmerizing.

First, watch her hands. She has an interesting habit of playing with her rings when she talks, twisting them round and round and up and down her fingers, and she does it all the time. Personally, I think it’s lovely. Very feminine, quite sexy, and it draws attention to her hands. Which, frankly, is not a bad thing at all.

After all, she has beautiful expressive hands (gorgeous skin) and, as my mother will tell you, you should always draw attention to your best features, which she definitely does here.

Now, I talk a lot. I do. And I think fast. So I speak fast too. But I watch Conchita Wurst when she’s speaking, particularly in German, and I think she’s even got me beat. Because, God, that girl talks a lot, and she might even think faster than I do as well.

Not that I’m complaining, you understand. People who can think as fast as her and can translate those thoughts into an interesting, well-thought out conversation have always intrigued me. That’s because they’re smart.

Conchita Wurst? She’s even better, as she thinks fast and she thinks on her feet.

Meaning, if she doesn’t have a clue how to answer a question, she’ll have thought so fast she’ll have pulled something out of the air by the time she gets to the end of her first sentence. And, most of the time, it will come out sounding eloquent, and as if she meant to say that all along.

Finally, here’s something I’m intrigued by when it comes to the camera people who film Conchita Wurst in interviews. Have you noticed how so many of them end up with the camera in such a close-up shot of her face, all you get to see is her eyes? Or how they focus on her hands, or pan slowly up and down her legs (that’s ‘a classic Conchita shot’ right there). Something they wouldn’t normally do with a woman.

I find it interesting because my sense, most of the time, is it’s not done in a voyeuristic, negative kind of way. Instead, it’s usually shot in such a loving and admiring manner, as if the person behind the camera is as enchanted and taken by her as the rest of us.

To see what I mean, watch Conchita Wurst in Switzerland below, or take a gander at the original video if you prefer to do that. You’ll find it on Blick’s website.

And, yes, Conchita Wurst is mesmerizing, but she’s also overwhelmingly beautiful. A killer combination, which makes it so hard to take your eyes off her here.

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