Conchita Wurst is Stylish, Cool and Elegant at Start of Latest Sydney, Australia Visit

The lovely Conchita Wurst is back on Australian shores this week as she prepares for her debut concert at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday, and she is looking as stunningly stylish as always.

Sure, Conchita is going for a much more ‘unisex’ look than she has in the past, but so far, even with the eternal pants she seems to be preferring lately, she still looks amazing.

Today, we were treated to a gorgeous pant suit from British designer Anniss, which Conchita wore for rehearsals with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and a slew of pretty photos with the other artists performing with her.

(You can buy the ‘Amplitude‘ jacket and pants at Anniss’ website and, frankly, they are very reasonably priced).


Earlier in the day, Conchita was at the Rove & Sam radio showΒ in Sydney.

Wearing a cool and chic but fun printed jumpsuit from Penny Black, (again, very reasonably priced), Conchita paired it with her usual high heels to add a little more elegance.

And I have to say, if I had to choose between a dress and pants, I would almost always put Conchita Wurst in dresses as I am well in the ‘love her all pretty and feminine’ camp.

But, if she wears pant suits and jumpsuits like these two, I’m fully on board as well. As they make her look young and trendy, but also super stylish and chic. Besides, she just looks so happy and comfortable wearing them, you really have to love that.

In a slight surprise too, Conchita even sported a nose ring for her radio interview.

Now, I am normally not a fan of nose rings as they’re just so ‘done’ nowadays, (and yes, I am well aware Conchita’s alter ego Tom Neuwirth often wears one but, sorry, while with the minimal amount I know about him, he seems adorable, nose rings are just not my thing).

But, I have to say, I did like Conchita wearing hers today as it did add something a little bit ‘unexpected’ and a bit edgy to the mix.

You can check out Conchita Wurst’s first Australian looks on her stylist’s Instagram account, and in the video from Rove & Sam below, where she proved she obviously hasn’t seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ‘Predator‘ but came off all cute and adorable and very funny anyway.

Also, do watch the video in the middle of this article, as it’s Conchita Wurst hilariously pointing out to Rove that, yep, she may be a drag artist but she still noticed when he had tried to check out her ‘boobs’ earlier too.

Someone needs to tell that man that, ‘real woman’ or ‘almost woman’, we always always always notice the ‘boob check’.


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