Conchita Wurst is Undeniably Sexy and That is Fascinating

sexy Conchita april 9, 2015
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Conchita Wurst finally believes she’s sexy

Let me start this by saying I usually take some of what Conchita Wurst says in public with a grain of salt. That’s because she may change her mind next month, seeing as how she’s constantly redefining who she is, and a new opinion often comes with that territory.

But, she did say one thing a few months ago that not only stuck in my mind enough for me to tweet her about it, I think it was something she actually did believe for quite a while, and so I’ve remembered it since.

The comment? A statement about how, when she was invited to perform at the famous Crazy Horse Paris, she was nervous as she didn’t think she was sexy enough.

The tweet I sent her in response was something along the lines of “What planet are you living on?”, as ‘Conchita Wurst and sexy’ go hand in hand like ‘drag queen and wig’.

So, I was interested to see a new interview with her last week where, for the first time, I heard her admit she thought she was sexy. And all I could think was “Well, it’s about time, love”.

Because Conchita Wurst has apparently now decided she’s not very good at “being cool”, but she’s “quite good at being sexy”, (see video below – the section with her comment begins at 2:10).

And you have to wonder, if Conchita Wurst is “quite good at being sexy”, then who the hell is very good? Because I’ve seen few people that can pull off sexy better than her.

Conchita Wurst’s type of sexy

Because her sexy is interesting as it’s not defined by ridiculously revealing clothing, and it’s never ever in poor taste or low-class. Instead, she manages to be incredibly sexy while wearing elegant couture gowns, and standing on a pedestal looking like a diva.

What’s even more interesting is she can wear a gown like the one she wore at Sanremo by the amazing JCHOERL that, in the bodice at least, was barely there and, even though she is as flat as the flattest board, sex appeal just flows off her.

And I have to admit, I’m still trying to get my head around that.

Because look at the photograph at the top of this article. The photograph a friend and I dubbed “What vase?”, as Conchita and her bedroom eyes grab your attention so much it’s a good five minutes before you even realize, apparently, there is a vase in the picture.

Now can you tell me how a 26-year-old drag queen showing off nothing but bare shoulders can look sexier than Kim Kardashian in all her naked, bubble-butted glory? Because, as smart and intuitive as I think I am, I still have a hard time grasping that fact.

What’s even more fascinating is, while I can look at a beautiful woman like Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie and admire their particular type of sexy, but then move on to something else,¬†when it comes to Conchita Wurst it’s different. Because her sexy grabs me in a far stronger way than does that of most other women, particularly as, in the sex appeal department, I gravitate towards men.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be interested in Tom Neuwirth, Conchita’s alter ego, in anything more than an “awwww isn’t he lovely and sweet” way either. Because, although he’s a gorgeous looking boy, he’s too young and far too skinny for my taste in men. (No offense, Tom).

But, put them both together, and there’s someone whose sex appeal grabs the attention of a lot more people than just me. Particularly as, now she knows she’s sexy, she’s playing it for all she can get. (Can’t say I blame her. I would too).

And there, maybe, is what is so fascinating about Conchita Wurst and her sex appeal. Who she really is.

Because I think on a subconscious level, many of us, male and female, find her sexy because we are reacting to the sexual energy she gives off as both the woman she is, and as the man who created her.

So, in some respects, we are reacting to both people and, yet…… neither.

Like I said, still having trouble getting my head around that. You?


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