Conchita Wurst Kicks Off Book Promotion for ‘Ich, Conchita’ in Munich

Conchita in Munich for book promotion 3
Credit: Conchita Wurst, Facebook

Conchita Wurst kicked off promotion of her new book, ‘Ich, Conchita‘ (‘I, Conchita’) in Munich, Germany yesterday, and had a set of truly gorgeous photographs to show for it. Then again, when doesn’t she, as that girl is so photogenic.

The official release of ‘Ich, Conchita‘ is on March 3rd in German speaking countries (hence the appearance in Munich yesterday), with a French edition coming out on May 5th, and the English one on May 7th.

It was also just announced this week ‘Ich, Conchita‘ would be getting an Italian edition as well.

conchita in Munich for book promotion2d
As photogenic as ever — Credit: Conchita Wurst, Facebook

No word yet, though, on an e-book for Conchita’s autobiography but, that being how a huge percentage of people buy books nowadays, hopefully that won’t be long in coming.

Meanwhile, I have to say I’m still occasionally surprised by Conchita Wurst, even though I shouldn’t be by now. Not by how talented, beautiful and intelligent she is, as that’s a given, but by how incredibly hardworking she continues to be.

In Salzburg, Austria on Thursday night, looking absolutely stunning (gorgeous photo here) while singing at a Tupperware conference (yes, Tupperware, and didn’t that just make me laugh delightedly at the thought of Conchita Wurst, the world’s most fabulous drag artist, conquering the Tupperware set), Conchita was in Munich, Germany on Friday morning for her book promotion looking just as gorgeous as she always does.

All I can say is, if it was me, I’d have to hold my eyes open with matchsticks.

Conchita’s hard work is set to continue in the next few months as well. Not only with a series of book promotion TV shows and book signing appearances in central Europe and the UK, but also with appearances for Eurovision 2015 which, of course, will be held in Vienna this year.

As for ‘I, Conchita‘, if you’re even just remotely interested in Conchita Wurst, I’m telling you to pick up this book. She is currently one of Europe’s most interesting people, so I’m guessing her book will be more than just a little fascinating, and an absolute ‘must read’.

I’m just hoping I can special order it here in Bangkok. Otherwise, I’m going to have to take a plane to London to grab my copy. Then again, with Conchita showing up at book fairs in the UK, that might not be a bad idea.

Finally, I’m adding just one more photograph to the others taken in Munich yesterday (there are a couple more on her Facebook page). This one just for you to check out that gorgeous skirt, and how fabulous she looks in it.

Just one more thing that’s undeniable about Conchita Wurst – she rocks in just about everything she wears, and has a truly impeccable taste for fashion.

conchita in Munich for book promotion 5d
Credit: Conchita Wurst, Facebook

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