Conchita Wurst on Cover of German ‘Rolling Stone’ Just Went From Sexy to Cool

Rolling Stone Conchita Wurst
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 Conchita Wurst hits the cover of Germany’s Rolling Stone magazine

The one thing you can count on with Conchita Wurst? There’s really nothing you can count on. Because this girl? She’s full of surprises.

Today’s surprise? Conchita Wurst on the cover of the German edition of Rolling Stone magazine. You know. Rolling Stone. The world’s most iconic music magazine.

Fabulous in and of itself. But even more so when they are calling her “currently the most influential pop star in Europe”. Not for her music (yet). But for her message — “We are many, we are a community, we are unstoppable.”

So, there she is. Conchita Wurst on the cover of Rolling Stone. Conchita Wurst, not only in all her glory, but even more glorious than normal. Being topless, as she is. Well, topless except for two pieces of black duct tape. One over each nipple.

Of course, that kind of thing is to be expected. After all, it is Rolling Stone, and they do like to shock.

This time, though, Rolling Stone is slightly behind the curve, as it’s at least the fourth time we’ve seen Topless Conchita in the last few months. So, shock? Nope. Sorry.

It is a wonderful photograph, however, because, hell, she has a gorgeous body to go with that stunningly beautiful face. So why not show it off.

But what I love about this Rolling Stone photo more than anything else is, for the longest time, Conchita seemed to be convinced she was neither ‘sexy’ or ‘cool’.

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Then, a few months ago, after she’d finished her stint at the Crazy Horse in Paris, she suddenly started to think she may not be ‘cool’, but she could do ‘sexy’ with the best of them.

Fast forward to today, and Conchita Wurst just got to check the ‘cool’ box on the list of things she can do as well.

Because on the cover of Rolling Stone? Looking as rock star as that? She’s never been cooler.

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