Conchita Wurst: One of the Most Intelligent Singers Around

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Other Eurovision contestants were heard to say how ‘perfect’ Conchita was during Eurovsion in the way she looked and how she behaved.

I’ve wanted to write this article about Conchita Wurst for a while, but have been wondering how to do it. After all, when you’re writing about one of the most intelligent people in the entertainment world, you want to sound halfway smart yourself.

What this all comes down to, of course, is intelligence. Or Conchita Wurst’s intelligence to be more specific. Something this Austrian artist has in spades.


In fact, her intelligence has led her to make so many right choices in a very precarious profession, I’d like to take a look at just a few of them to prove just how intelligent she really is.

Transformation to Conchita Wurst – When Tom Neuwirth’s singing career didn’t take off the way he planned, instead of doing the same thing again and trying to make it work, he switched direction. Couldn’t make it as a cute solo singer or a boy band member? No problem. Next idea? Drag queen in the mainstream.

By that I mean, instead of just performing as Conchita Wurst in drag clubs, something he’d been doing for several years already, Tom moved Conchita out into the mainstream entertainment world so everyone could see.

Now imagine what kind of intelligence, and courage, that took. Not only to move so drastically from one style of singer in the mainstream to something so different, but to adopt Conchita so whole-heartedly, she really did become a person in her own right. Bye bye Tom, hello Conchita Wurst.

And, from the moment she stepped onto the stage to audition for Die große Chance, Tom’s future career plans were set. After all, if you try to make a name for yourself as a drag queen in the mainstream, and it doesn’t work out, there are far fewer options left.

Since then, both Tom and Conchita’s high level of intelligence has been obvious as they work to continually reinvent this interesting stage persona, making her more and more appealing to watch.


While I absolutely love this sweet and fun Conchita, she’s a different style than those before and those after

Reinventing Herself – What’s charming about the present day Conchita Wurst, is just how many incarnations she’s gone through to get to where she is.

From a sweet and funny drag artist with a too-high voice and a not-so-stylish way of dressing when Conchita Wurst first appeared on the scene, to the present day elegant and haute couture incarnation of the lovely Ms. Wurst, is nothing short of spectacular. It’s no surprise she’s become the darling of the international fashion world as well.

To be able to constantly and drastically reinvent yourself à la Madonna or Lady Gaga takes a skill few people have, and requires an intelligence most artists wouldn’t be able to muster. 

Conchita Wurst managed it, and still manages it on just about a monthly basis, as her stage persona continues to evolve.


Here is Conchita in a Eurovision interview right after she got through to the final. As you’ll see, she’s so polite, professional and, yes, perfect.

Eurovision – I’ve studied all kinds of artists throughout the years as I’m fascinated by how certain choices make or break a career. I have never, however, seen choices made as well as those by Conchita Wurst and her team when it came to their Eurovision plan, and how they decided to present her and her song to the public.

In fact Conchita’s concept for Eurovision was so darned brilliant, unless you’re looking closely, it’s difficult to see it as a concept at all. And Conchita Wurst? She’s so intelligent, she followed it to the absolute letter.

As several Eurovision artists were heard to say backstage, “Everything about Conchita Wurst is pure perfection”. And, yes, they were correct.

It’s really no wonder she won.

Bigots and Homophobes – Where I think Conchita Wurst shows her intelligence the most is in her refusal to respond to bigots and homophobes who are insistent on trying to destroy her dreams.

Instead, she simply says “Thank you for your attention”, and then goes on with what she was doing.

That’s because she’s intelligent enough to realize, why waste your energy on those wallowing in negativity and hate, as it really doesn’t get you anywhere. As she charmingly says “I can’t take anything (beneficial) out off that”.


See how polite, professional, charming, engaging and intelligent she is when she’s interviewed. I could listen to her for days.

Interviews – Finally, watch Conchita Wurst in interviews, and you’ll realize how intelligent this woman really is. Particularly as she’s often being interviewed in a language not her own.

In a recent interview she talked about the best advice she’d been given — “You must improve your English skills” — so this smart woman took it to heart. Now, she can easily be interviewed in English, by people with a myriad of difficult to understand English accents, yet rarely misunderstands or makes a mistake.

On top of that, her answers are smart, her philosophies on how to live life are interesting and, come on, when she can joke in a second language and with jokes that are screamingly funny to a native English speaker, there’s no question in my mind just how very intelligent she is.

Add in she’s charming, gracious, sweet, kind, polite and always always professional, and the extreme intelligence Ms. Conchita Wurst exhibits is just the cherry on an exceedingly fabulous cake.

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Michelle Topham