Conchita Wurst in Paris – Stylish, Elegant, and Lovely

How i LOVE You Paris! Will be yours from the 9th- 15th of nov. #crazyhorse with my new Song #HEROES #ConchitaHEROS   Фото опубликовано conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) вкл.

Sometimes, it is nice to post something just because it’s beautiful. And this — it’s a wonderful photo from Conchita Wurst in Paris.

A photo Conchita uploaded to her Instagram account a few minutes ago.

A photo taken on a rooftop in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Paris. A city where, this week, Conchita Wurst has been incredibly stylish, elegant, beautiful and lovely. With everything she has worn, and everything she has done.

And proven, once and for all, she is as professional as it is possible to be, and a fashion icon to watch.

(Sorry, Conchita, there’s that icon word again – hopefully, you can accept it when it comes to your clothes — because you really are becoming one and because, in Paris this week, you really have outdone yourself 🙂 )

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