Conchita Wurst Releases ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone’ Lyrics Video and It’s Elegant and Fun

tell me where have all the good men gone

So, it’s looking like the next music video we can expect from Conchita Wurst’s debut album Conchita could be for ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone‘, at least if the just released lyrics video for that track is anything to go by.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone‘ is also the song Conchita has just added to her live repertoire, and it’s one she does sing incredibly well on stage, particularly when she hits that massive high note — which she seems to hit on every occasion. Amazing that.

Plus, it’s a track that is so well suited to her, as it’s elegant, quirky and lots of fun, and fits her personality down to a T.

As for Conchita Wurst’s ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone‘ lyrics video, with its snazzy fonts and chic feel, I like it.

The graphics are perfect for the track, with black and white shots of men in somewhat romantic situations overlaid with the lyrics of the song.

But what’s interesting about these shots is, if you look closely, while they have an old-fashioned feel to them, they’re actually also ultra-modern, with mobile phones, laptops, high-end very modern watches, and shiny new cars just as prevalent as the initial 1930s-style look might suggest.

And that is always how the song has seemed to me. Delightfully old-fashioned, but also supremely modern. Because, let’s face it, when you’ve got one of the most spectacular female singers on the planet today singing a song bemoaning the loss of the ‘good man’, while sporting a fabulous beard, you don’t get much more ‘modern’ than that.

You can watch Conchita Wurst’s lyrics video for Where Have All The Good Men Gone‘ below. Do pop over to her YouTube channel as well, though, and give it a thumbs up, as the more Likes her videos get, the more YouTube promotes them, and the more other people get to see them. And, of course, the bigger of a career she gets to enjoy.

And my girl? She deserves that more than anything.


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