Conchita Wurst: Respect and the Line You Don’t Cross



As I’m going to a German beerfest tomorrow so may not have time to write, you get two Conchita Wurst articles today. Lucky you. Or maybe not, by the time you’ve heard my ‘rant’ as, yes, that may be what this turns out to be. (And, don’t worry, Conchita, it’s not you I’m irked at).

This all started when I read comments on Conchita Wurst photographs on Facebook, and on various fan sites around the web. Frankly, I don’t normally read this stuff and, obviously, I probably shouldn’t if it irritates me this much, but a friend sent me a link to one of my articles profiled in a couple of places and so I took a look.

And can I just start by saying – there is a line. A line you don’t cross. A boundary that, if you supposedly love Conchita Wurst, for chrissake have some respect.

Because when I read comments about her that are way beyond just bordering on the sexual, and so far beyond just slightly creepy, if I feel like I need to take a shower, you can only imagine how she feels.

It’s the internet. So what you post has far reaching repercussions. What that means is, if I can access those dark corners of your mind you’re happily commenting about, and on pages I can easily find, chances are she can. (She’s a technologically-savvy 25-year-old boy – she knows where to look for this stuff).

And sure, she may be beautiful and sexy and drop-dead in a dress, and there’s nothing wrong with commenting on that, but when your mind is going off into realms even me, one of the most-open minded people on the planet, doesn’t want to hear about, it’s probably best to keep it to yourself.

Because, after all, when you read those words, you get a picture. And there are pictures I have gotten in my mind I would rip out with claws and burn them if I could.

So please please please, when it comes to Conchita Wurst (or any other celebrity for that matter) have some common decency.

She’s elegant and lovely and sweet and kind, and treats everyone with the utmost respect. Please show some courtesy and do the same for her.

After all, this kind of stuff doesn’t help her or her image and, let me tell you, it certainly doesn’t help yours.

*** And, at this point, your head may already be going here. Can I just say, that article was written in such a way it’s obvious it was meant to be cute and funny, and she’s not stupid, she knows that. But when what I read gives me the ‘heeby jeeby I just want to rip my skin off’ response, I now feel so dirty, it’s probably a good idea for you to learn the difference. 

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