Conchita Wurst Rocks ‘Heroes’ at Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (Video)

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Every time I watch Conchita Wurst, whether in a performance or an interview, I end up smiling so hard I feel like my face is about to crack. That’s because she’s one of the loveliest, sweetest and funniest people on the planet.

But, on nights when I see something like this — Conchita Wurst singing her new single ‘Heroes‘ at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 last night — not only am I smiling like a crazy person, I’m also so happy for her I could cry.

Conchita sang two songs at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 competition. Her winning Eurovision song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘, which she sang superbly, and then, later in the show, ‘Heroes‘.

Her performance of ‘Heroes‘ was only the second time she has sung the song live in front of a large televised audience (her concerts at Crazy Horse Paris don’t count, as the audience was small, no TV, and videos of her performances have yet to surface).

So what makes her Malta performance of ‘Heroes‘ so special? Other than the goosebumps it gave me, you mean?

Everything. From the way it sounds different from the recorded version — less perfect and, because of the natural breaks in her voice that aren’t in the recorded version, even more honest — to the way she looks completely poised, while absolutely rocking it.

Watch her from the minute she appears on the stage and begins to sing. She’s relaxed, her breath control is gorgeous, and her timing is perfect.

By the time she gets to the chorus, her voice has warmed up to such an extent, its so rich and powerful she hits the final high note of the first chorus completely effortlessly. What’s even more lovely is the emotion on her face as she sings — that comes straight from the heart.

Now watch her eyes. As the camera hits her face and pans around her, her eyes hold it completely, looking deep into the eyes of every viewer out there. They don’t break free until the camera begins to move away. But the way she looks?

It’s a mixture of intense confidence and extreme vulnerability. In a more base description, it’s Conchita Wurst as sex on a stick and, yes, you feel it in your groin.

And when I see moments like that, I know with absolute certainty Conchita Wurst will one day be one of the world’s biggest superstars, because she not only has a phenomenal voice, she also feels the deepest of emotion, and knows how to perfectly convey that to anyone willing to watch.

As for ‘Love is like a battle cry‘, the way she sings that line is so pure, and held with such power, it echoes in your head long after the sound itself has died away. Amazing.

So, my lovely Ms. Wurst, your new single is now not only one of my favorite songs, your performance right there was a killer. And you just laid down another brick in that road to greatness you’re on.


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