Conchita Wurst Rocks Latex in 38°C Heat at Cologne Pride and Looks Couture to the Max (Videos)

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Conchita Wurst has been at Cologne Pride for the last three days, and while people have been talking about her performances at the AIDS Gala on Friday night and on Saturday on the main Cologne Pride stage at the Heumarkt, much of the conversation has centered around what she’s been wearing.

Because, other than the extravagant evening gown (courtesy of the incredible JCHOERL) and short, cute ‘day dress’ (by Marina Hoermanseder) she also wore, Conchita Wurst has been rocking latex. Yep. Latex. That rubber material you need to have the most perfect body to pull off, or you really shouldn’t be within a mile of it.

And rocking latex, I might add, in 38°C heat without seeming to bat an eye.

Now, if there’s anything I know about it’s heat, as I live in a country (Thailand) where above 35°C temperatures are normal 11 months of the year. But I’d sooner dump Conchita Wurst and go and write 350 ‘love articles’ about Justin Bieber (and you know I’m never going to do that) before I’d ever put on latex and actually go outside in it.

Because latex and heat? You can’t even begin to imagine how hot that is.

And hers? It’s long-sleeved and below the knee.

So, if I didn’t know who her stylist was, I’d say she’d saddled herself with a sadist and she might want to ditch him fast.

But Thomas Reinberger, Conchita’s stylist, is incredible, and he would never send her out wearing something he wasn’t completely sure she didn’t have the ability to absolutely rock.

Or be comfortable enough to handle wearing it while she’s doing it.

Besides, in this case, I know why he’s done it. Because he’s turned what is a traditional gay pride symbol, a latex-clad entertainer up on a stage or on a float, completely on its head.

And he’s changed her from having what could have been the typical fetish-oriented S&M-esque meant-to-shock image often seen around the world during gay pride into, instead, the most elegant, most couture, most sophisticated, most magnificent diva ever.

Genius really.

As for Conchita Wurst wearing latex? Well that’s enough to send Conchita-obsessed fans off into orbit any day of the week.

That’s because as much as she is technically a boy in a dress, in reality many people, (and, yes, including myself) think she’s as sexy as any came-into-the-world-as woman could possibly be.

Angelina Jolie? Nicole Scherzinger? Beyoncé? Sure, all incredibly sexy women. But Conchita Wurst? In latex? Flat chested, and with Europe’s most amazing ass? She’s sex on a stick. No lie.

Now watch the two videos below, and tell me I’m wrong.

Conchita rocking latex on the Heumarkt stage at Cologne Pride

01 Conchita Wurst – You Are Unstobbable @ CSD… by cocosheart

Even the host is blown away by her style — Conchita on WDR’s Kölner Treff

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