Conchita Wurst Shines at Logie Awards in Australia in Stunning JCHOERL Gown

Conchita Wurst continued to take Australia by storm today with an appearance on the red carpet at the Logie Awards in Melbourne.

Conchita was wearing another amazing gown by Austrian designer JCHOERL, this one in a nude silk chiffon with a fitted bodice that showed off her teeny tiny figure, a high Peter Pan collar that perfectly framed her gorgeous face, and a long flowing skirt that made her look like everyone’s favorite princess.

And what I loved about this dress was, while almost every other celebrity on the carpet was seeing how high they could have their dresses cut or how low those plunging necklines could go, Conchita was demure, elegant and understated. Which drew just about every eye to her, with many people online and in print saying she was the “best dressed” on the red carpet. I have to say, I agree.

Plus what made it even more fabulous for me, (and, yes, sometimes I’m a bit bitchy) was when she was asked to step atop a raised circular platform so she could be photographed twirling around (that stunning dress really needed to be seen mid-twirl), and Conchita stepped up there as daintily and elegantly as it was possible to be.

Followed a few minutes later by real women who clumsily stumbled up and practically had to be hoisted onto the platform, they were having so much trouble with their tight dresses and too high heels.

So here are just a few photographs of Conchita to admire in that lovely JCHOERL dress. And don’t miss the cute mini-video at the end where she chooses her favorite emoji.

Adorable, isn’t she?  

@conchitawurst’s favourite emoji!

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