Conchita Wurst Singing Live in Concert, Bad Mitterndorf, Austria – September 7, 2014 (Updated Exclusive Photos)

conchita wurst live bad mitterndorf
photo copyright Christine Weber


2:30 PM (Bad Mitterndorf)

Conchita Wurst’s live concert in Bad Mitterndorf, Austria on September 7th, 2014 has just begun and, Christine Weber, a wonderful Conchita fan is sending me photographs as the concert goes on.

I’m updating this live as I receive new information, but the first photograph from the concert is above.

Conchita Wurst singing ‘California Dreamin‘ with her school friend Kristin, live in Bad Mitterndorf.

And me? Yes. I’m crying.

Update 4:00 PM – Sorry we only got the one but, if I was where Christine Weber is now, I would be exactly the same. Lost in another world and unable to take photographs or hit ‘Send’ on a cell phone. Let’s face it. That’s what Conchita Wurst does to you.

(And thank you so much, Christine, for this one – it’s lovely).

Second update 6:45pm – It seems the lovely Christine has recovered from her Conchita-induced swoon (okay, her cell phone died, but doesn’t that sound more beautiful?), so I have four more fabulous photos of Conchita in concert in Bad Mitterndorf to share. All I can say is……..elegance? Beyond.


1 conchita concert

2 conchita concert 3 conchita concert 4  conchita wurst concert bad mitterndorf

christine weber
And this is Conchita with the fabulous Christine Weber (the lady in the sunglasses) and a group of friends. See how wonderful all Conchita’s fans are!


All photos here, copyright Christine Weber, 2014


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