Conchita Wurst Sings Live at Antwerp Pride 2015 And Is Gorgeous and Kills It (Video)

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Conchita Wurst performed for the second year in a row in Antwerp, Belgium at Antwerp Pride 2015 yesterday. A performance that included her Eurovision winning song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘, and two singles from her debut album — ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ and Firestorm‘.

She also gave a slightly surprising performance of ‘Somebody To Love‘, one of the songs from her new album. Surprising because I’ve only heard her sing it live once before — at Eurofancafe in Vienna, right before Eurovision 2015.


And this is what I love about Conchita Wurst. Well…one of the 9,875 things I love about Conchita Wurst. That she’s never satisfied with a performance. Ever. Because what that means is, from the very first live performance of a song right up to the last time she has sung it, she just gets better and better at singing it live.

Take ‘Somebody To Love’ at Antwerp Pride

Her first live performance of it back in May was nice, but watching it I could immediately pick out a couple of sections where I knew she would be cringing when she watched the video on YouTube later on.

Sections where she didn’t quite hit the note, or slid off it midway through.

So I wasn’t surprised to watch Conchita singing ‘Somebody To Love‘ in Antwerp yesterday, and immediately hear her voice sounding much richer than only a couple of months ago.

And sure, this time she was singing the song with a live band and backing singers, and not just a backing track, and that definitely makes a difference to the sound.

But, if you can force yourself to ignore the band and the singers and just focus on her voice, you can hear that difference clearly.

Her voice is slightly deeper, richer and, I have used this phrase about her several times before — it inhabits the song rather than sitting on top of it — because once she manages to do that, I always know she’s figured out how it needs to be sung.

As for what she will sound like three months from now when she is singing ‘Somebody To Love‘ live again? Even better.

Because that’s just how Conchita Wurst is. Striving to get as close to perfection as it’s possible to be.

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As for the rest of her time at Antwerp Pride 2015? Well, drop dead gorgeous would be a phrase that would be easy to bandy about.

At the sound check — beautiful in a little bit more of a ‘trendy’ outfit than is normal for her.

During her press conference (see video below) — elegant and lovely in a skin-tight, strapless, knee-length grey dress from Belgian designer Wim Bruynooghe.

And, of course, during her actual performance — stunning, in a phenomenal floor-length JCHOERL gown, with deep slits to the waist and upper thigh highlighted even more with the addition of net, and showing off that lovely chest and those perfect legs.

All in all, I would say another incredible appearance by Conchita Wurst.

And this one, for me, was even more special.

Because, before she even got on the stage, she was introduced as ‘Conchita Wurst’, instead of the Conchita Missing The Wurst she’s insistent upon lately.

And that meant I didn’t have to throw things at my computer screen before settling down to enjoy her.

Now there’s a bonus, eh?


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