Conchita Wurst Sings ‘That’s What I Am’ – Best Video, Most Beautiful Conchita?

conchita wurst that's what I am

I’m the person who has probably watched more Conchita Wurst videos than anyone else, and no, I’m not remotely kidding.

Every Conchita Wurst video on YouTube (singing and interviews) and, when it comes to her Eurovision Song Contest win, I’ve watched Conchita’s semi final performance video, Conchita Wurst waiting for the results of the semi final green room video, the 3-hour final of the entire competition video, Conchita Wurst in the green room during the final voting sequence video and, of course, her final winning performance, more than 50 times each. Exaggerating? No, I’m not.

I love to watch her performances and interviews (they make me happy), and I enjoy analyzing them to see how much better she does in some of them than in others.

It’s also interesting to see what a much more solid performer she has become over the last couple of years, as she’s really grown into her character and into her voice.

That’s also why I’m classifying myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to the best Conchita Wurst singing ‘That’s What I Am’ video, as I’ve seen them all a myriad of times as well.

And I do have my favorites. The two videos I think are of two of the best performances of ‘That’s What I Am’ Conchita Wurst has ever given, in all the time she’s sung the song.

The first video I think is the best Conchita Wurst performance of ‘That’s What I Am’ is the one recorded during the Austrian pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2012. It’s of the ‘old Conchita’, and by that I mean the one who is so much more obviously a man dressed up as a woman than the sleek, elegant, chic and supremely feminine version we see nowadays.

Personally, I loved the old Conchita just as much as I love today’s version as, even if she seems a bit ‘rougher’, she’s actually quite a bit more vulnerable than it first seems, so she’s lovely to watch. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

My absolute favorite video of Conchita Wurst singing ‘That’s What I Am’, however, is a later one taped in 2013 and it’s of an elegant Conchita, with the darkened more stylized beard she used to have (which I adored), looking more than just a little bit Vogue-esque and very Italian.

Love her look on this video, love the dress, and particularly enjoy her performance. It’s solid, she’s spot on with her vocals and it’s a little richer than the earlier version.

Check it out below. Lovely, eh?

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