Conchita Wurst and Russkaja Sing ‘That’s What I Am’ : Best Arrangement Ever – Repeat Rotation Video

conchita wurst and russkaja

It’s another Conchita Wurst song for my Repeat Rotation Video today and that’s because I’m traveling halfway across the world in the next few days, so am getting my fix of her before I leave.

Today’s Repeat Rotation Video is one from an ORF late night TV show called Willkommen Österreich and features Conchita singing ‘That’s What I Am’ with the studio band Russkaja.

I have to admit, the first time I watched the video of Conchita Wurst singing this song with Russkaja, I absolutely hated it as, on first listen, it all just sounds out of key and weird.

On subsequent listenings? Absolutely incredible and just about the best arrangement I’ve heard so far of ‘That’s What I Am’. So good, I honestly can’t stop listening to it, Repeat Rotation or not.

Russkaja, by the way, are very well known in Austria. They call themselves a ‘folk metal’ band and do musical arrangements that are a mix between polka, ska and traditional Russian music.

Odd to the ear on first listening. Some of the best alternative music out there right after.

Listen to it below. And, yes, I bet you’re soon addicted. And, by the way, if you like it, there’s a Conchita Wurst and Russkaja ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ video you might enjoy as much. You’ll also find that below.


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