Conchita Wurst Sings ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone’ Live and Good God, Girl, You’re Fabulous (Video)

conchita wurst starnacht rehearsal

So, I woke up this morning and did my usual search for ‘Conchita Wurst’ on YouTube, as you never know what gems have popped up while you’re sleeping. But…you don’t always expect a gem quite this perfect to appear without fanfare. A video of Conchita Wurst in rehearsal yesterday for the Starnacht aus der Wachau concert she’ll be appearing in tonight in Rossatzbach, Austria.


Because this video is special. As, sure, it may be a bit fuzzy, but it’s the first time Conchita has sung ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone in front of a live audience. Yes, it’s just a rehearsal but it’s still live, and it’s still the first time she’s sung the song in front of actual people other than her producers or members of her team.

But, in this case, that girl not only sang ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone‘, she also added some sparkles, gave it a border of gold and then threw in a couple of diamonds for good measure. In other words, holy hell, love, you nailed that one.

Because it goes back to what I was saying a few weeks ago about Conchita Wurst’s first performances of her new songs in front of a live audience. They’re either shaky as hell, or she nails them so beyond perfectly they’ll never be anything but that from now on.

And, in the case of ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone‘ here, there was not one suggestion of a shake but a whole helluva lot of nailing going on.

And it’s not just the delivery of the song that’s so lovely to watch. It’s her on point stage presence that is now screaming “I’m going to be a world star, just watch me go”, while all still wrapped up in that sweet, humble way she has that always makes you want to hug her.

She’s also superbly self-confident (and so much more so than just a year ago), incredibly relaxed, and her movements on stage now have lost all of that stiffness she always had before. Plus, she perfectly shows off the cheekiness of this song, and is just so darned sexy while she’s doing it. Throw in the backup dancers she now has, and she’s world-class in every way.

But the best bit of this first live performance of ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone’? Well, there’s two actually.

That one ridiculous high note she hits so perfectly (and remember, she’s a boy, she’s not supposed to be able to hit notes like that), and right after it the slight tilt of the head she does followed by a shy smile and a teeny tiny tongue flick, and you just know she knows how good that was.

Then the second one, as soon as she’s finished singing, where she’s obviously so happy with her performance she just smiles and smiles. And, yep, here comes that urge to hug again.

Of course, it’s just a rehearsal, and she has the real appearance on Starnacht aus der Wachau later on today. But I’m here to tell you, expect a whole lot of ass kicking going on on stage tonight as well. Because once Conchita Wurst nails a song that well, you never see her perform it any less than fabulously.

Now all I can say is, thanks so much to Susi Wagner for videotaping Conchita’s rehearsal. And will someone please make sure her performance at Starnacht aus der Wachau tonight gets uploaded somewhere, as I’m dying to see her sing this live in front of thousands.

She’s a bloody huge mega star is my girl now, in both confidence and performance, and I just can’t get enough of her.


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