Conchita Wurst Takes Australia By Storm in Some Fabulous Interviews (Videos)

conchita wurst on The Project Australia
Conchita Wurst on ‘The Project”

Conchita Wurst takes Australia by storm with a slew of fabulous interviews

Conchita Wurst seems to be taking Australia by storm on her first trip Down Under. If the slew of TV and radio interviews, Conchita’s Twitter account, and love-struck Aussies posting selfies with Conchita are anything to go by.

What has struck me about Conchita Wurst’s trip to Australia, though, even more than the Aussies in love, are the interviews with Conchita herself who, frankly, seems to be in her element here.

She’s smarter, funnier, even more quick-witted than normal, ridiculously flirty (and I love that), and seems to have hit an even deeper sense of herself. So much so I spent ages yesterday watching one interview over and over again, as I was seeing even more of a depth of character to her than I’ve seen previously.

So, I’m spending a few minutes on some of the fabulous interviews Conchita has done in Australia just to show you what I mean. Besides, every interview is full of Aussies, and aren’t they just some of the world’s coolest and funniest people? Have to say, I’ve never met one I didn’t like.

Conchita Wurst talks to Marc Fennell on The Feed

After Eurovision 2014, Conchita spent much of the time reinventing and refining herself. So much so, for a couple of months there, I wasn’t quite as enamored as I once was as she was becoming just too perfect. And perfect, for me? It’s boring.

Luckily, she’s now worked through that ‘perfection phase’ and, my sense at least is we’re now getting a Conchita whose personality is much closer to the real person than the ‘persona’ in the public eye. And I like that. A lot. Because, even though she’s still lovely and polite, she’s more honest and outspoken, and that holds my interest far more than ‘perfect’ ever will.

She’s also self-deprecating, she seems a helluva lot more self-confident, and she’s ‘solid’, if that makes any sense? Like a real person, rather than a persona who was once trying so hard to be liked by everyone.

Her interview with Marc Fennell of The Feed is a prime example of that. From starting off making fun of herself for being ‘off key’ during her final performance at Eurovision (she was, but the emotion behind her performance was more important to me than the slight key problems so, personally, I loved it), to the way she sits here (open body language, not trying to hide anything), she’s a joy to watch.

In fact, it’s a lovely interview, Marc Fennell is cute and adorable, and she is as solid as a rock. Watch it above.

Conchita on Network 10’s The Project

Today, Conchita was on Network 10’s The Project, and was interviewed in a lovely format, sat at a desk with the show’s anchorpeople — relaxed and informal.

This is one of my favorite interviews from Australia so far because she’s just so funny. From flirting with Waleed Ally over beards, to making fun of what she’s going to be like in the Eurovision 2015 Green Room if ESC contestants don’t want to talk to her, I watched a couple of bits of this interview several times as she just made me laugh.

Add in how sweet she looks, and how touching she is when she talks about what UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said to her — he liked her honesty and that she took the right to make her life as fabulous as she wanted, as well as said the same thing her parents had always taught her “Don’t hurt anyone and be respectful”, and this is a gorgeous interview, and she looks so damned happy to be there.

Conchita on the Fitzy and Wippa show

Conchita took to the radio on the Fitzy and Wippa show yesterday, and she is hilarious. She’s quick on the mark when asked about her interview with Richard Wilkins on The Today Show earlier in the day, commenting they go “way back” and joking “he didn’t call back then”, and she’s just as fast at the banter as the two comedians running the show.

What I love here is this is a little taste of how Conchita used to behave when she was the stereotypical brash drag queen a couple of years ago, but now in a much more elegant and demure way. And it suits her perfectly.

All in all, three absolutely lovely interviews and, Conchita, I think you’ve done so well in Australia so far, you’ll probably be invited back any time you like.

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