Conchita Wurst to Voice Owl ‘Eva’ in German Version of ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ (Video)

conchita wurst dreamworks penguins of madagascar


One of the many many things I love about Austrian singer Conchita Wurst is she is always full of surprises. You think you’ve just figured out who she is and where her career is going and then “Wham-oh”, it’s something else. So, today, when I read the news Conchita Wurst will be the voice behind the snow owl ‘Eva’ in the German language version of the new DreamWorks movie ‘Penguins of Madagascar‘, yep, surprised and………not.

On her Twitter account this morning when announcing the news Conchita said:

lending my voice to eva the snow owl in ‘the pinguins of madagascar’ so excited <3

Ignore the fact she got a bit ‘Denglisch’ in the comment (German spelling of ‘penguins’ in the movie title, the rest in English — which is very cute in and of itself), because this is fantastic news.

Just think about it.

Not only is this a step towards making a name for herself outside the music world, and showing how multi-talented Conchita Wurst is (and yes, she absolutely is multi-talented), ‘Penguins of Madagascar‘ is also a children’s movie, which immediately gives her an even softer and more ‘acceptable’ side to the ‘already soft drag artist’ image she currently has.

And that can only help her singing career in the long-run. (For a drag artist, being perceived as more ‘acceptable’ (whatever the hell that horrible word ‘acceptable’ is supposed to mean when it comes to this lovely person) often translates into more fans and, in her case, more record sales — sad in this messed-up world we still live in, but true).

So, massive kudos to the people on Conchita’s team who helped put this deal together, as she and her career are going to benefit from it so much.

And sure, it’s the German-language version, which means Conchita’s voice (in German with apparently a Russian accent, as snow owl Eva is a spy), will only be heard in Austria, Germany and Switzerland but….it’s DreamWorks! It’s a kid’s film! And it makes her look so ‘big time’ I can’t even begin to say how happy I am for her.

Way to go, my lovely Ms. Wurst! As always, so very proud of you and of everything you do.


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