Conchita Wurst ‘Unbreakable’ Soundcheck: Awe-Inspiring – Repeat Rotation Video

conchita wurst raw emotion

Most days, when I choose a Repeat Rotation Video, I do it because I feel like listening to a particular song. Today, the one I chose as my Repeat Rotation Video, and listened to at least 30 times (so far), was for a different reason. A reason that I’m not going to talk about but, let’s just say, I needed to.

It’s a video I talked about yesterday, a short, slightly incomplete soundcheck with Austria’s Conchita Wurst singing ‘Unbreakable’ that, honestly, I can’t get out of my head. That’s because the power of her voice and the raw emotion she conveys in every bar of this song is — awe-inspiring.

Listen to the husky start, the part where her voice breaks, the deeper, richer, longer notes. Then on to the higher notes, those incredible clear powerful high notes, especially the one that builds, and, of course, the raw emotion on her face.

It’s one of the best performances I’ve ever seen her do and, yep, just a soundcheck.

Watch it and then leave comments below but, I’ll guarantee, you’re going to be breathless. Oh, and sorry about the waviness of the video it wasn’t like that yesterday. Flipping YouTube!