Conchita Wurst, Weltstar? This Bad Mitterndorf Video Proves It

conchita wurst will break your heart

I’ve written more about Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst than any other writer on the planet. She’s the girl I love the most. I can’t help it.

That love is also because, from the moment she slammed into my life the day after Eurovision, I can’t get her out of my head.

But before you think I’m going to go on about her amazing eyes, her beautiful legs, her fabulous behind (well, she does have all those, but I’m not going to talk about them here), they are not why I think she’s extraordinary. This is.

When she sings, Conchita Wurst has that indescribable something that makes your breath catch and your heart hurt. That unique something only a few people on the planet have.

It’s what you feel when you listen to Janis Joplin, Barbra Streisand, Edith Piaf and, yes, Conchita, if you are reading this, Celine Dion. The feeling that every emotion in the world is wrapped up in that voice, and that love, loss and sorrow are responsible.

But today, watching a tinny video filmed in the small town of Bad Mitterndorf in Austria, I caught something I’d never heard or seen before. One small moment in time that made me sure, without a doubt, Conchita Wurst was going to be a ‘Weltstar’.

The video is just two minutes 11 seconds long. It’s not even of a complete song, or a concert performance. It’s just a snippet of a soundcheck, recorded a little while before Conchita Wurst went on stage. Which is what makes what happens here all the more remarkable.

Now, listen to that voice and watch that face. From the six second mark where her voice breaks on “you’re unbreakable”, she’s already pulled you in.

And then, the real emotion starts and her voice carries you with it. The highs, the lows, the places where it settles on a note and then slides off and then up – it all grips you so hard, it’s a shock when she lets you drop.

But the best bit? At one minute and thirty seconds, and for the next thirty after. That bit. Right there. Pure magic.

The power in her voice, the unadulterated gut-wrenching sadness in her face, the flick of her wrist at the end of “you’re beautiful” — all of it. Weltstar.

Which is why I won’t stop writing about Conchita Wurst. I can’t. Because this girl is going to be huge, and she already has my heart.


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