Conchita Wurst’s ‘Contribute Subtitles To YouTube’ Video is Brilliant On So Many Levels

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Anyone who knows anything about Conchita Wurst knows she’s funny. Not just mildly entertaining either, but hilariously funny. To the extent that, when a new video goes up, you find yourself repeatedly hitting the replay button just so you can watch her say or do the same thing again and again, and laugh even harder each time. Sometimes I laugh so hard I get light-headed.

Case in point, a video uploaded to Conchita’s YouTube account this week asking fans to contribute subtitles in their own language to her videos (see below). A video that is not only one of the funniest I’ve seen her do, but one that is brilliant in its execution.

That’s because, instead of having to watch Conchita give dull directions about adding subtitles on YouTube and fans finding their eyes glazing over at the boredom of it all, Conchita and her lovely social media manager, André Karsai, went a different and more interesting route instead. A route that is marketing genius.

They put together a two and a half minute video that is essentially a blooper reel of Conchita stumbling through a 30-second promo piece, and making mistake after mistake as she does so.

Sure, we get to hear how to add subtitles, but we also get to laugh uncontrollably as she stares blankly at the camera with no idea what to say next, giggles, and then gets prompted by Karsai in the background in how to continue, mispronounces the same word over and over again, or generally proves making videos isn’t always as easy for Conchita Wurst as the rest of us might think it is.

But, along with this fun video making you laugh, what makes this Conchita video so brilliant is it actually does three things exceedingly well.

First, it does give you quick instructions for adding subtitles to her vids (hint: the bits in color are the more coherent parts), and it’s interesting too.

Second, because she is so darned adorable and funny, you actually remember what she says far more than you would have done with a straight instruction video, which you would have watched once and promptly forgotten.

And third, and the most important thing here, is that it makes her come off as the cutest, funniest, sweetest and most charming girl.

Because, no matter how many times she screws up, (and I’m betting there are quite a few more that didn’t make it to the final production) she acts the way everyone always says she always acts — never loses her temper nor gets annoyed, but instead just keeps trying to get it right but with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face. And, yes, making fun of herself as she does it.

And that, it just makes you love her even more.

Besides, it also proves how smart Conchita is. Because an artist with less self-confidence and less intelligence than her may not allow their social media manager to upload a video like this. After all, she’s not perfect in it, and some celebrities hate admitting that.

But she knows this type of video is going to make fans think “Awwwwwww, look how cute she is”, and then laugh and laugh and laugh. Thus, loving her even more. See. Smart.

As for Andre Karsai, he tweeted right after the video went up on her channel, asking “Gosh, did I torture @ConchitaWurst with that video!”

But, honestly, I have a feeling nobody got tortured with this little gem. Instead, both of them had a fabulous time making it. Come on. Watch the video. You can tell.

Special Note: By the by, if you’d like to read more about the fabulous Conchita Wurst, I’ve written about her so much, she now has her own category on Leo Sigh. Just hover your mouse over the ‘Music’ section on the top menu and Conchita’s category will pop up below it. There are about 500 articles — have fun!

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