Conchita Wurst’s European Parliament Concert: Get There If You Can

conchita wurst to sing at european parliament

A quick reminder Conchita Wurst will be singing on the Esplanade outside the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium tomorrow, October 8th, and if you’re in the general vicinity, you really should go.

After all, not only would you be supporting equal rights for everybody, Conchita Wurst puts on a very good show.

As always, however, my head is off on a somewhat related tangent, just because this is Conchita Wurst and she is phenomenal.

First, thank you to¬†Austrian¬†Green MEP and EP Vice President Ulrike Lunacek for initiating the event. It is a wonderful idea, extremely important, and I’m sure Conchita will have a blast.

Second, to those MEPs who felt the need to speak out against Conchita Wurst before she has even set foot in Brussels – does it ever occur to you, if you don’t like something, it’s a better reflection of you and your upbringing if you just keep your negative thoughts to yourself, and allow those people who do enjoy seeing Conchita perform to do just that?

Besides, when someone has been invited at the behest of a group you are affiliated with, it seems more than a little rude to me to start complaining about that invitation, as well as highly disrespectful to the talented artist who has taken time out of her busy schedule to attend.

As for Conchita Wurst herself, I am guessing this concert will be especially fabulous.

That is because she’s growing in stature and in self-confidence with every successive performance, and so each one is even more fabulous than the last. And if she gets that idea of ‘superstar’ locked in her head before she walks out on that European Parliament stage, I absolutely guarantee you she will be.

As for me, unfortunately, the closest I’m going to get to Conchita Wurst this year is after her attendance at the Observer Ideas Festival when I’l be in Heathrow departures around the same time she will be.

All I can say is, Conchita, do come over and say ‘Hello’ if you see me. Honestly, I’m lovely.

Conchita Wurst will be singing on the Esplanade outside the European Parliament on October 8th, 2014 between 1-2pm. She will also be signing autographs between 12:15-12:45pm, so get there early if you’d like a chance to meet her. From what I hear from everyone who has, she’s more than worth the effort.

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