Conchita Wurst’s First Tour ‘Conchita LIVE mit Band’ Kicks Off in Vienna on April 13th

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Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst had big news last night, as she announced her first ever tour on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Called ‘Conchita LIVE mit Band‘ (yep, ‘Conchita LIVE with band’ — the girl is keeping it simple) it is a 10-date Austria and Germany only tour that kicks off in Vienna on April 13th, and ends in Berlin on the 8th of May, 2016. Five concerts in each country.

As for the format of Conchita’s tour, it’s an interesting one, comprising a 90-minute program of Conchita’s own tracks, covers of some of her music idols’ songs (she’s already hinting at Bassey) and all of it strung together with anecdotes and stories from her career so far.

If you look closer, however, this first tour is far more interesting than even that. As it has been created in such a way that, even if it is a short tour in medium-sized venues, she is taking advantage of every detail of it so that she really shines.

Look at how she will be singing her own songs — adapted and rearranged, and with a new and cool live band accompanying her. (And am I the only one that’s digging all those beards?) We got a taste of just how fabulous, and even more sophisticated, these new versions will be too with a short video clip on her Facebook page last night.

A clip that shows Conchita singing fan favorite track ‘That’s What I Am‘. But a slowed down, jazzed up version that is richer and sexier than the original. And don’t get me wrong, I love the original, but the new one is something so much more.

Besides, as good as she always is singing live with a backing track, there is nothing like Conchita singing with live instrumental accompaniment. I had the privilege of seeing her perform just with piano at ‘Wider die Gewalt’ in Vienna last year, and it’s one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve seen.

Then look at the venues where Conchita will perform. Somewhat unusual venues, many of which are iconic in their own right, but venues that will also add something special to Conchita’s performances.

Her premiere concert of ‘Conchita LIVE mit Band‘ takes place at Porgy & Bess, one of the most famous places in Vienna to hear live jazz music, and in a quirky yet elegant space with a rich history of its own.

In Stuttgart, Conchita will perform at the amazing Theaterhaus Stuttgart space. Located in the gorgeously designed Rhine Steel Buildings, TheaterhausStuttgart is one of the largest cultural centers in Europe and one of the most visited.

In Linz, the Treibhaus will be her performance space. A stunning arts venue built around an octagonal tower, and with a design inspired by Shakespeare’s The Globe theatre in London.

And for her Berlin concert, the last one of the tour, Conchita will appear at the Admiralspalast, one of the only classic variety venues spared the bombings of World War Two.

Renovated in 2006, nowadays the Admiralspalast is a lush world-class venue hosting everything from musical theatre companies to some of the world’s most famous singers.

And, while all of these venues have a quiet elegance to them, they are also the places where the hip and the cool hang out. And doesn’t that now suit Conchita perfectly?

As for the Anecdotes section of ‘Conchita LIVE mit Band’, this is the part that intrigues me almost as much as her music. After all, up until recently, talking on stage to her audience has been something Conchita really has not been good at, as she’s had a tendency to be a bit stiff and not really seem to know what to say.

Which always struck me as a strong indication of how shy her alter ego Tom Neuwirth actually is. A shyness that always seemed to push aside Conchita’s far more expansive personality when it came to ad libbing to that big of a crowd.

In recent months, however, Conchita seems to have wrested control of that aspect of her performance back from Tom, as she has loosened up considerably, been far more outgoing on stage in between songs, and looked like she actually felt comfortable speaking to that many people all at one time.

Her Anecdotes then should be interesting indeed.

You can find out more about ‘Conchita LIVE mit Band‘ on the tour’s very pretty website and, of course, book your tickets there as well. I would suggest, though, that you hurry as I have a feeling they will sell out fast. (**Seated tickets have already sold out for her premiere concert in Vienna as of an hour ago).

As for me, I’m already the proud owner of a ticket for Conchita’s premiere concert at Porgy and Bess in Vienna on April 13th. Because, no, I have no idea if I will already be living in Vienna by then, or be back in the States for a while.

But, if it does mean crossing an ocean to see Conchita on the first night of her first ever tour, nothing could possibly stop me.

Tour Dates

13.04.2016 – Porgy & Bess, Wien
14.04.2016 – Republic, Salzburg
15.04.2016 – Treibhaus, Innsbruck
22.04.2016 – Posthof, Linz
23.04.2016 – Orpheum, Graz
29.04.2016 – Technikum, München
30.04.2016 – Theaterhaus, Stuttgart
01.05.2016 – Gloria Theater, Köln
06.05.2016 – St. Pauli Theater, Hamburg
08.05.2016 – Admiralspalast, Berlin

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