Conchita Wurst’s ‘Heroes’ is Attached to My Soul: It’s Beautiful (Video)




When I heard Conchita Wurst’s new single ‘Heroes‘ would be released on November 8th, I said to a friend “If I hate the song, I’m not going to review it”. That’s because I knew how important Conchita’s first single after Eurovision was to her, and to her future singing career and, as someone who loves her, I won’t do anything to potentially harm that.

As a writer, of course, I have to tell the truth. Hence, if I hated the darn song, all you would have seen from me was a short notice about its release, along with a link to iTunes where you could buy it.

So, this morning, I went to iTunes and got ready to cry in disappointment. Because, when she talked about ‘Heroes’, Conchita Wurst said it was “cool”. And, as you probably already know, one person’s cool isn’t always the same as yours.

But now I can scream “OH, THANK GOD” and then, not only be the world’s biggest fangirl, but I also got to cry over the song when I heard it as well. I cried because ‘Heroes‘ is stunning and Conchita’s voice …….it’s gorgeous.

And because this single is one of the most important songs Conchita will ever sing, I did so want it to be beautiful. For her.

And it is. And that makes me happier than you can possibly imagine.

So what do I love about ‘Heroes‘? How about everything.

The lyrics — she sings about heroes (she’s already one — screw it, Conchita – you are) and dancing — and she should always be doing a lot more of that.

The melody — it’s pretty and catchy. The final refrain — its tribal vibe is lovely. The sentiment behind it – everybody can be a hero.

And her voice. Her voice is sublime because she makes every note seem so effortless.

From the first two lyrics “I dreamt……..”, where her voice is gravely and breaks, and then moves down into rich and warm, then up into high and clear, she nails this song like you wouldn’t believe. And in the chorus? She soars.

In fact, let me just warn you, once you listen to ‘Heroes‘, it’s going to attach itself to your soul, just as it’s already attached itself to mine, and you won’t be able to stop listening to it.

As for the lyric, ‘And we’ll dance to the sound of our battle cry‘. That’s how I always want to think of Conchita Wurst. Dancing to the sound of her battle cry. Because she really is magnificent.

You can buy Conchita Wurst’s ‘Heroes‘ at iTunes. Please do. She deserves a number one in every country on the planet, just because of who she is. And the added bonus? This song is so very very worthy.

Listen to the lyrics video for ‘Heroes’ below.

Michelle Topham