Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rondo’ Photos: An Exquisitely Beautiful Photo Shoot

Conchita on cover of Rondo
Just when you think Conchita Wurst has produced the most incredible thing she will ever do, she surprises you, and does something even more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

That is what has just happened today with the publication of the Conchita Wurst Der Standard ‘Rondo’ photographs — easily the most exquisitely beautiful Conchita Wurst photographs ever taken. And, no, I’m not exaggerating.

Taken by Austrian photographer, Maria Ziegelböck, the ‘Rondo’ photographs are stunning, showing Conchita Wurst in a different, yet even more sophisticated light than before.

As I mentioned yesterday, in Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rondo’ photos will polarize, the premise of the photo shoot is Conchita as a modern day Empress Sisi – a woman known to torture herself for her beauty.

In the photographs taken to illustrate this theme, Conchita has been shot by Ziegelböck against elaborate backdrops and wearing sumptuous clothing.

Everything from lavish Talbot Runhof skirts to ornate Guy Laroche tops, and dressed in pieces from a beaded carnival mask and headdress, matched with a painfully cinched-in Victorian-style corset, to a see-through blouse that shows Conchita in all her bare-chested glory.

And, yes, she is glorious.

In fact, these photographs are so ‘shockingly’ fabulous, I don’t want to spoil them by commenting even further.

Let’s just say, the lovely Ms. Wurst became even more lovely in my eyes, if that is even remotely possible, with these photographs of absolute unadulterated beauty.

Conchita — you are astounding.

The Der Standard ‘Rondo’ magazine can be picked up at newsstands across Austria today (and I hear at select places in Germany as well).

I will also link to anything that becomes available on the publication’s website here, as soon as it goes up.(Rondo’s interview with Conchita (Tom Neuwirth) can now be found here – I suggest Google Translate).

I will just say, however, if you are remotely interested in Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rondo’ photo shoot, I would recommend grabbing a copy of the magazine quickly, as I have a feeling this one is going to be a sellout.

conchita wurst rondo photo collage

Meanwhile, here is a screenshot of some of the photographs that have already gone up on Tumblr to wet your appetite.

Yes, this photo shoot is likely to be talked about all over the internet for days to come.

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