Conchita Wurst’s Speech in Front of EU Parliament Building, Brussels (Video)

conchita wurst eu speech


With only 7.52 minutes of Conchita Wurst’s speech in front of the EU Parliament in Brussels up on YouTube so far, I’m calling this one the way I see it — an absolute winner of a speech, and one Conchita Wurst delivered perfectly.

And, as a speech writer myself, I can honestly say I was nervous about this, as her last speech (at TEDx) was, to say the least, lacking (the speech itself and not Conchita Wurst, she’s never lacking).

Conchita Wurst delivering her EU Parliament speech, however, was fabulous. From her confident opening to her strong delivery throughout, the funny way she mentioned her possible mispronunciation of a Swiss name, and how she looked relaxed, confident and smiling, and paced the speech perfectly – she did an absolutely beautiful job.

The speech itself, while not earth-shattering, was a good one. It talked about World War II, the history of the EU, touched on the Eurovision Song Contest and Conchita’s win, and how important it was for tolerance, acceptance and respect for everyone. In fact, covered most things relevant to the EU, Conchita Wurst and why she was there.

So, let me just say, a beautiful, beautiful job, Conchita (and coming from a speech writer and a professional speaker, I hope you understand how big of a compliment that is to you as, me, I’m very picky). Very, very, very well done.

For more on Conchita Wurst’s day at the EU Parliament, the rest of my thoughts are here. (And, of course, if her whole speech is uploaded to YouTube later, I’ll add it here then).

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